Monday, March 05, 2012

Get your pen ready Ray Rice!

Player agents want to use previously completed deals as benchmarks for their clients. If they believe that their client(s) is as good as another player whose contract ink is barely dry, that becomes the starting point of negotiations for their client’s deal.

Enter Todd France and Ray Rice…

The two will look to recent deals signed by Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson – deals that I’ll go out on a not-so-daring limb and say both the Titans and Vikings regret.

So why should the Ravens base their discussions with Ray Rice on the mistakes of others?

It is salary cap roulette to pay running backs big money long-term particularly when bargain replacements can be found in the draft (Rice being one of them).

This isn't meant to be a knock on Rice. It's just the nature of the beast.

Rice deserves a fair deal and for that the Ravens should look no further than the one MJD signed in 2009 (5 years, $31M, $17.M guaranteed). MJD ‘s productivity closely mirrors that of Rice (see here) and he’s on a team with relatively little to no offensive options. Mix in some inflation and fluff that MJD deal up to 5 years, $39M and $22M guaranteed.

That’s fair Ray Rice.

The alternative is to be tagged for 2 years; Ravens groom the replacement and then let someone else overpay for a RB heading into his 7th season.

I know it sounds cold but that's the NFL.

Right player, right price.


Joe said...

Nope, they are going to use yesterday's deal between Texans and Foster as the framework for Rice's deal. Rice deserves more than Foster, but I'd rate them pretty close.

I'd say 5 years, 50 mil, roughly 24 mil guaranteed.

Baltimore Ravens Tickets said...

Congratulations Rice!!. You better sign that contract and we welcome you to the team. Ravens would be glad to have you and we look forward to have more winning s with you.