Monday, February 06, 2012

Was the safety against Patriots the right call?

I can’t recall ever seeing a long pass down the middle of the field without a receiver in the area called intentional grounding. Generally that is viewed as a miscommunication between a receiver and a quarterback who is throwing to a spot on the field.

Yet in the Super Bowl, in the end zone and against one of the league’s favored sons (arguably its favorite), the game officials called grounding and awarded the Giants 2points.

Shocking really!

And those 2 points proved costly.

How much would the game have changed at the end if the Patriots were down 19-17 instead of 21-17?

Of course the Giants would not have gone for 2 after their final touchdown so the score more than likely would have been 20-17.

That safety was huge and for everyone who thinks the Patriots get “all” the calls, well as evidenced by that one, they don’t!


Anonymous said...

I agree the giants would have not won if not for that call.It was a gimmie call for the giants.

Jerry B said...

Quoting Rhett Butler's famous lst line in "Gone With The Wind", "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"! The Giants won as I expected because the Patriots had no business even being there, so really at this point, who.....cares!