Thursday, February 02, 2012

State of the Ravens Address

Some observations from the State of the Ravens press conference.

* It’s clear that the decision to bring back Cam Cameron was at least a majority decision and more than likely a unanimous one among the teams hierarchy. This comment from Steve Bisciotti is telling:

Ø "I'm looking at these [positive] trends, and a logical businessman would say that we're making progress. So, I don't know if I have a message for that 10 percent of the fans with that vitriol. I just don't have an answer for them. I just don't. I'm sorry."

Many wonder if Lee Evans will return to the club. He had only 4 regular season catches and never really seemed in synch with Cameron’s offense or on the same page as Joe Flacco. Evans is under contract for the 2012 season and is scheduled to make $3.375M in salary and is due a March 1 roster bonus of $1M.

Ozzie Newsome stated during the press conference that the Ravens will focus upon the offensive line, pass rushers and wide receiver during the offseason. For me that was code that unless Evans takes a pay cut, he’s already played his last down as a Raven.

Joe Flacco was discussed and this statement from Ozzie is telling about the club’s view on Joe Flacco:

“There’s no doubt that Joe improved,” Newsome said. “The thing that I like about Joe, when you’re in this business, you are judged on one thing: winning. Joe wins. If he continues to win, if one pass is caught, he’d be in a Super Bowl. And I think he’s going to win Super Bowl, a lot of them. And I hope to be a part of them. He has improved. The thing that you cannot knock about Joe is that he’s a winner.”

Somewhere Joe Linta, Flacco’s agent, is sporting a wide smile.

Photo by Dylan Slagle Carroll County Times


ravcolt said...

You gotta be in the Super Bowl before you can win it. Even I know that.

Jerry B said...

No doubt Joe is a winner! But, opertating within a system often characterized as, "inconsistent", "out-of-sync", "dysfunctional" and "predictable", we're left to ponder what this talented young QB might accomplish in a better system! Winning "ugly" as was their mantra this past season also led to losing "ugly"! Frankly, I'd rather have the Giants' 9-7 record and be in the Super Bowl, than the 12-4 record that has seen us fall short once, again!

richieG said...

StevieB is obviously not a risk-taker, explaining his philosophy of consistency being paramount to going for the gold. I have to assume that the "football" people would be able to change his mind IF they felt camTHEman was a liability...and yet, I'd sure like to hear someone counter GregCosell's description of Cam's offense.
Sure glad Oz admits the O-line needs bolstering - they needed it during the the O-line coach competent?
AND, coaching-carousel notwithstanding, isn't there anyone at "tripleA" who is ready to coach does Rosburg keep his job??!!? Anyone ask that question?
Must agree w/JerryB re being 9-7 and sneaking into the playoffs; and, based on 2012's schedule, that just might happen.