Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Should the Ravens bring in a veteran to replace Ricky Williams?

If Ricky Williams is sincere in his decision to retire (and sincerity in my opinion is measured in mid-late August) the Ravens could have a bit of a problem.

Now this isn’t meant as a knock on Ray Rice and his durability or on the potential of Anthony Allen or even Damien Berry. I actually think both will make fine pros particularly if the later can keep his head on straight.

But neither has the pre-requisite experience to carry the load in the event of a catastrophic injury to Ray Rice. Some may argue that if such an injury were to occur the Ravens are done anyway. But that’s not how the Ravens are built and that quitter’s mentality is light years from the team’s collective mindset.

Regardless of who goes down if you’re a Raven, it’s “Next Man Up.”

If you look back to the 2001 season after the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV, they lost Jamal Lewis to a season ending ACL tear after parting ways with Priest Holmes. The alternatives were daunting so Ozzie ushered in Terry Allen and his 60 year old knobby knees. He didn’t last long nor did Jason Brookins and it’s unlikely that the Ravens will take such a risk again – not with a Super Bowl ready team.

Now they could try and coax Ricky Williams out of retirement. Perhaps this is simply Ricky’s retirement announcement is simply his way of avoiding training camp the offseason conditioning program, OTA’s and training camp.

But if he is sincere and will permanently hang up the cleats, the Ravens should consider a veteran.

Here’s a list of the veterans scheduled to be free agents.

Who from the list appeals to you?

Keep in mind the cap and the anticipated contractual demands of these backs.

Some might welcome a backup. Others like Michael Bush or Mike Tolbert probably see themselves as the next Michael Turner.

It’s a great discussion.

I mean what else is there to talk about, the No. 2 starter for the Orioles from the 60 arms they are inviting to camp?


Jerry B said...

Another, "in Ozzie we trust" question to which my answer would be an emphatic....yes! In fact, they coulda/shoulda used Williams more this past season! They need a big, bruising straight ahead complement to Rice and, while Allen showed flashes of that in the preseason, the fact that he was injured almost the entire season should be cause for concern. Unless, of course, that was just a roster ploy......