Monday, January 09, 2012

Please Forgive Me!

So all week long my plan was clear and present. In fact it was perfect, or so I thought.

Step 1: Cheer for the Texans; they win and come to Baltimore

Step 2: The dirty work – hope for a Steelers win in Denver.

Step 3: Steelers continue their winning ways and beat the Commissioner’s Godson and the Patriots in Foxboro.

Step 4: Ravens keep their home winning streak alive and their lifetime mark against the Texans flawless and deliver another problem to Houston.

The plan if properly executed would set up the third game of the 2011 season trilogy between the Ravens and the Steelers.

How could it possibly be any better than to host Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship?

There is not a doubt in my mind that the Ravens would have taken the Steelers down again. NONE! All that silly talk about how hard it is to beat a team three times in the same season was so off the mark as history has proven that 67% of the time the team that won the first 2 games, wins the third.

The matchups just favor Baltimore and Ozzie Newsome carefully constructed this team with the intent to take down those Yinzers. And with a hobbled and beaten Dick Tracy wannabe at quarterback who the Ravens regularly rough up even when healthy, the beating would have been like a new toy on Christmas morning.

Now as the Steelers @ Broncos game drew near, I began to waffle a little on the plan. Could I really root for the Steelers? Wouldn’t most if not all of my vital organs suddenly shut down? Would my family disown me? What a dilemma!

So I met up with some friends at a nearby favorite watering hole to take in the game and as we walked in we rationalized that we would be happy no matter the outcome. If the Broncos won, cool – one of life’s pleasures is a Steelers loss, particularly in the playoffs when they are a prohibitive favorite.

BUT, if the Steelers won then the plan would still be in play.

So the game gets underway and after the first quarter ended, the Broncos had 10 yards of offense and the Steelers had a 6-0 lead. It started to feel like the plan would play out as drawn up. But still it didn’t feel right. It felt a little dirty.

Less than 2 minutes into the second quarter it happened. The plan and the fading clarity came to a fatal crash landing accented by several enthusiastic high fives. Tim Tebow connected with Eddie Royal on a 30 yard scoring strike and following the PAT the Broncos were ahead 7-6. It didn’t feel good – it felt GREAT!

We deep sixed the plan faster than Ben Roethlisberger walks out on a tab.


The bar was loud. It was almost as if the Ravens were playing. Spirits soared as the Broncos took the lead and then that here-we-go-again feeling dominated the atmosphere when Pittsburgh tied it up at 23. We’ve seen this Steelers Houdini act before.

But Houdini was slain on the first play of overtime. WOW!

Cheering for Tebow felt like a baptism and my sins – my dirty stinking sins and that hideous plan washed away by that beautiful Rocky Mountain spring water. Taste the cold!

So NOW the new plan is for Tebow to work his magic again – to laugh at that 13 ½ point line and believe.

And then maybe, just maybe we can invite No. 15 and his divine connections to our cathedral, M&T Bank Stadium on January 22.

Yep, this Plan B is not so bad…

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m next in the confessional line and I’m sure my penance is going to be a doozy.


Anonymous said...

this post is exactly what happened with me and my group last night...expecting the plan A but ended up cheering for plan B. how i LOVE watching the steelers lose!!

There Goes My Life said...

All my friends in all their "watering holes" stated the same thing. Watching the Steeler's lose was sheer delight! I hope however the Raven's don't have to play the Broncos. I would have to choose the Ravens over Tebow (I am a HUGE Gator fan!) And I have always said in MY perfect world Tebow would have been a Raven!

AmberMarie said...

That's exactly how I felt. I wanted them to come here. But once the Broncos took the lead, all bets were off. Having the Steelers out is so much better.

Jerry B said...

Oh, ye of little faith........! "Ask, and it shall be given unto you......" Under NO circumstances will I ever root for the Steelers, who really proved yesterday to be the team that we annihilated back in week one - old, slow and...injury riddled! May they suffer the ignominy of having to.....rebuild! And, forgive me if I don't exactly tremble at the thought of facing T.J. Yates and the Texans, who we handled early in the season WITH their starting QB. Unless, of course, we have trouble stopping the run and/or Chuck Pagano reaches down into the timeworn NFL defensive coordinators' playbook and comes up with the inevitable, unreliable and enormously unsuccessful....3 man rush in known passing situations! Even a T.J. Yates, given time, will find an open receiver and hit him! Also, one can never underestimate the importance of "home field advantage" that saw ALL home teams on the winning side this past weekend.......

richieG said...

Hey TL,
Be careful what you wish for...Tebow just might have sold his soul to the devil..."Whatever Lola wants..."
AND, let's not get ahead of ourselves - AndreJohnson is back/back/back!

Jerry B said...

Memo to richieG: Andre Johnson is back, but......he's still not 100% and he doesn't have Matt Schaub throwing to him! These teams are almost mirror images of each other, except that Flacco has a decided advantage over T.J. Yates. So, in what should be a defensive battle, the team that's successful running the ball and stopping the run will prevail.......