Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh no not again!

Since Cam Cameron joined the Ravens coaching ranks in 2008, his offenses have ranked 18, 13, 22 and 15 overall in yardage. His passing offenses have ranked 28, 18, 20 and 19.

Prior to joining the Ravens and dating back to 2002 Cameron led offenses ranked 16, 14, 10, 10, 4 and 28 overall and 22, 19, 16, 12, 16 and 24 passing.

Is there any real evidence there that might suggest that Cameron can pilot even an above average offense or passing attack?

Recently on Sirius/XM NFL Radio, Greg Cosell from NFL Films discussed the Ravens offense.

His opinions were anything but flattering.

In so many words Cosell stated that the Ravens passing game is:

• Archaic – their formations are a throwback to the 60’s

• Unlikely to be successful with their scheme

• Predictable in that for the most part they run only 2 routes in the route tree

• Unimaginative in that it lacks bunch formations, rubs, drags and crossing routes

• Lacking in diversity and therefore it invites press man-coverage and nearly every catch is contested

• Wasteful in that a very capable third WR, Lee Evans, was on the field for only 8 of the 63 offensive snaps, nearly unheard of in today’s pass happy NFL.

Yet indications are that Cam Cameron will be back for a fifth season as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Last year he was saved by his head coach and the lockout. Could it be that this year he’ll be saved by a lack of viable coaching alternatives?

Successful teams lose coaches late in the league’s calendar year and when seeking replacements the pickings can be slim. Teams that have experienced coaching staff overhauls have depleted the more attractive options.

Insanity has been defined as, Doing things the same way and expecting different results.

Cam Cameron is probably returning as offensive coordinator.

See a parallel?

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Jerry B said...

Absolutely! Nothing personal, but CaMORON must....go! Hopefully, Bisciotti will intercede as he did last year and fire this imposter, because it's obvious that Harbaugh won't! In fact, Harbaugh wouldn't have fired Mattison, who left to go back to the college ranks where he belongs. Harbaugh's "blind" loyalty is an impediment to his coaching acumen. Watching Flacco "extend plays" with his legs against the Patriots and how effective he was at rolling out only serves as a reminder of just how conservative CaMORON was during the regular season. Joe and the offense need better coaching if they are going to get to the next level....something Harbaugh will NEVER admit to! So, it's incumbent on Bisciotti to make the right decision and send this guy....packing!

Scott said...

I'd let Jimmy the Towel Boy give it a shot at Offensive Coordinator before I'd watch the Cam Cameron show for another year...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! YES his plays are outdated. Also, a very nice point that someone made earlier. WHERE were the great offensive plays when playing the Patriots used during the reg season? That San Diego loss wouldn't have happened. Also, he doesn't USE his guys very well. Rice is a defensive MAGNET. In the last game, he didn't even get much yardage. Ricky Williams is a very capable RB who should be used more often. I still haven't seen Tyrod and t5his team needs to develop hs QB skills.

richieG in Dallas said...

Hey TL,
Can you broker a meet between Greg Cosell & StevieB!!!
AND, not in defense of camTHEman, but, great coaches are made by...great players.

Jerry B said...

So, it's official-CaMORON is coming....back! Well, the good news is that there won't be any surprises next year as we know what to expect. The bad news is that there won't be any surprises next year as we know what to expect. To say that I'm disappointed in Bisciotti is an understatement. I thought he knew better. Obviously, I was wrong! However, he's the owner with a whole lot more at stake than I, so if he's satisfied with an offense that is inconsistent, dysfunctional, out-of-sync and....boring, who am I to argue! When we come up short again next year, he'll have no one to blame, but himself! As for me, I'll do exactly what I decided to do this year - not invest a whole lot of enthusiasm or expectations, because I, too, KNOW what to expect! Hey, it worked for me in the playoffs........unfortunately!