Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Will You be California Dreaming?

Each season I take a look at the Ravens schedule and select an away game, sometimes two and try and figure out a way to rally my wife and a few friends for a Ravens Roadie. It’s not all that hard – kind of like convincing a sailor to pay a visit to the gentlemen’s club after months at sea.

Naturally our roadies are destinations that are either south or west. You see as I get older (it beats the alternative) the more averse I grow to cold weather.

So off we go to San Diego this Thursday morning to help paint the town purple!

San Diego and the surrounding area offer a ton to see and do and while I’ve had the pleasure to visit SoCal fairly often (I once worked for a company based in Long Beach), I know I’ll be like a kid on Christmas morning.

So many things to do and so little time…

The plan is to go to the no huddle offense and score at will. I’m hoping to see Ravens fans in bars, hotels, restaurants and of course on the tailgate lots. I want to capture all the moments in pictures and video and I’m hoping you will be part of that.

Let us know your plans.

Where will you be? What will you do on game day? After a hopeful win?

Like Tom Petty once sang – I NEED TO KNOW!

If you are looking for a place to hang with birds of a like feather try Dirty Birds in Pacific Beach. They are offering 20% off your tab this Thursday through Sunday if you are a Ravens fan and present a valid Maryland driver’s license. This isn't happy hour! It's happy long weekend!

Dirty Birds features the No. 10 ranked wings in America as determined by Yahoo Sports and TheDailyMeal.com and they are the ONLY true Ravens bar in the San Diego area, not some poser national chain that is simply selling out on their hometown team.

Just tell everyone that owner Leigh Gibson invited you!


The West Wing said...

The West Wing will be in San Deigo supporting both Tilted Kilt and Dirty Birds (sadly most of us have CA licenses, so buy us a beer) on Saturday. Here's the full plan for the game, all are welcome to join our big 'ol group:

SUNDAY, 12/18- The majority of The West Wing member will be staying at Omni Hotel San Diego. If you still need to make arrangements please call them at (619) 231-6664. On gameday we'll be hosting out Purple Tailgate at 1:30pm PST located in section P2 of the bus parking lot on the southeast side of the stadium. This event is open to all, if you didn’t get a tailgate ticket from Ravens Roap Trips (free beer, food and bus to/from the game) it’s okay, you can still join us just BYOB.

More information and details here- http://thewestwingla.com