Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why call that stadium Snapdragon when POS is more appropriate

They say absence makes the heart grow founder and I’m sure many of you have experienced the emotion. On a similar level, sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you compare your good fortunes to others. Such is the case when comparing M&T Bank Stadium to Snapdragon Stadium (fka Qualcomm Stadium).

Snapdragon is a dump!

First, the tailgate lots make the streets of Bagdad seem like the entrance to an exotic resort. Jersey walls and sketchy fencing partition the lot. And the surface seems to provide evidence that Snapdragon played host to some international terrorist hand grenade chucking contest. And the irony is, unlike M&T the police on hand don’t allow you to drink from glass containers. That’s a bit like Rosie O’Donnell worrying about the color of her mascara.

Ok, so you think you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, eh?

Well entering this relic makes walking into M&T seem like a pleasant and uninterrupted stroll in the park. Getting into the Chargers’ crib is anything but a snap (dragon). To access the field level seats you have to navigate a few flights of stairs down where you will find a dungeon-like concourse that is about as “wide” as the men’s room at M&T. There you feel like you are in the bowels of the stadium where if you really want a beer, prepare to sacrifice about half a quarter of game action.

Here are a few other Snapdragon observations…

· Scoreboard ~ Don’t ever complain (not that you would) about the big boards at The Vault. The pair of boards at the Dragon are about as big as the flat screen I gave my son earlier this year for his college house.

· Ooo That Smell ~ Since beer vendors don’t exist at the Dragon, or ushers for that matter, a few of the Chargers fans nearby opted instead for the Pineapple Express. Hey, maybe it was medicinal Mary Jane?

· The Lighting ~ It felt a little dim to me but maybe that’s a California thing since the Niners had trouble at Candlestick last night. That’s pretty funny, Candlestick.

· The Seats ~ We plunked down a nice chunk of change for lower level field seats, 18 rows off the field behind the Ravens bench at the 45 yard line. But because the seats are set so far back from the field, it’s hard to see much if anything on the far sideline.

· Pumped up Kicks ~ San Diego has a bit of a reputation for not being great supporters of the Chargers. But I have to admit that initially I was impressed with the level of noise in the stadium – until I looked around to see who was generating the noise. Few were doing much cheering – certainly not enough to generate that wall of sound. Color me suspicious but I think big old Snapper is pumping in crowd noise. When the Ravens went into a no huddle “attack”, the noise dropped noticeably and it made me wonder if the noise was on some kind of recorded loop.

Of course none of these things would have bothered me in the least had the Ravens not had it handed to them so convincingly.

Thank you Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers!


Griff said...

IMHO, I would watch the bad Karma directed to other teams. The Ravens received a great gift last night, thanks to the 49ers. Sorry you had such a bad experience there, but the Ravens need all the good Karma they can get.

six4011 said...

Yeah its a tru dump. Took my wife out to hr first away game, got to the stadium early to take in all the site. Come to find out there were no sites to see. So me my wife and some other ravens fans had to walk bout a mile across the highway to Mc Grubers or Grabers. In otherwords total bad experience. SNAPPER LIZARD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!