Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lewis & Levens knew that to play they might pay

NFL players today understand the risks they take when they step out on to an NFL field. Most of them have understood the risks for quite some time. They are accepted as occupational hazards.

There’s nothing new about this and most players are willing to roll the proverbial dice in order to play a game they love while being paid handsomely all the while hoping they never suffer a life altering injury.

This week we learned that the Ravens all-time leading rusher Jamal Lewis along with former Green Bay Packer Dorsey Levens filed a lawsuit against the NFL and NFL Properties in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. The suit alleges that the NFL has known about the potential long-term harm caused by concussions for many years.

Today’s players are bigger, faster and stronger. That isn’t news to you, me or Messrs. Lewis and Levens. We and they have all seen how yesterday’s players like Mike Webster, Andre Waters, Terry Long and of course John Mackey have suffered from dementia, severe depression, some even driven to suicide because they were so mentally tortured.

It’s safe to say that as players continue to develop, the hits will become more vicious and the consequences more serious unless precautions are taken. The NFL is taking those precautions and they continue to explore new and better ways to protect players.

Has Muhammad Ali sued the WBA or WBC?

Eric Lindross hasn’t sued the NHL.

They knew the risks.

Sometimes the precautions aren’t taken until there are casualties.

Like Ali and Lindross these players exchanged the risks for the fame and fortune.

Unlike those greats, Lewis and Levens don’t want to be held accountable for their own decisions.

They deserve nothing more than their pensions and benefits.


Jerry B said...

Any person who plays sports assumes the inherent risks, which include life altering or life threatening injuries. "Assumption of risk" is not just a fact; it also happens to be! The only exceptions might be knowingly, wantonly, wrecklessly, negligently or intentionally causing injury. I have never seen an NFL contract, but it wouldn't surprise me if words to those affects are included in every contract.......