Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How can you not root for Tim Tebow?

Without a doubt Tim Tebow is a major lightening rod and strangely enough, a polarizing one at that.

And I wonder why.

In Tebow we see a man of strong faith and spiritual conviction. He willingly accepts blame and enthusiastically distributes credit. He lacks prototypical NFL quarterback talent yet he continually finds a way to get the job done in Denver and is 7-1 as a starter.

So what’s wrong with that?

Why aren’t we as Americans universally behind Tim Tebow?

This great country of ours has been built upon overachievers pursuing a dream. Why then can’t a winning quarterback be built the same way? And how Tebow wins today doesn’t necessarily mean that he plans on winning the same way in the future. By his own admission he is a work in progress – one who I might add is progressively working!

The hate makes no sense – unless of course the strength of Tebow’s faith leaves those who lack such convictions feeling a bit insecure.

But his faith should be inspiring not intimidating. Driven by faith Tebow will be a great teammate; an outstanding role model for children; and for the doubters it will propel his work ethic providing the fuel to enable him to reach his fullest potential.

Anyone who hates THAT has issues.

If you aren’t inspired to root for Tim Tebow, you are simply uninspirable.

I have no idea where it will end for Tebow. Conventional thinking suggests his bubble will burst at some point. Actually I tend to agree with that yet I hope he proves me wrong.

In the meantime, count me among those who will cheer him on throughout his journey hoping that his bubble survives. Unless of course along the way there's an encounter with the Baltimore Ravens.


Griff said...

Let's see how great he is after he gets through some great defenses, like Ravens or Steelers. People hate all the hype around this ROOKIE, not his faith. Bashers want to make this about faith, which it is not. Tebow has had a winning streak. Let's look at this again after a year or two. remember, Tebow's boss started as a spoiled crybaby after he was drafted by Baltimore in 1983 and publicly refused to play for the Colts. He was then traded to Denver in 1987, and is still a crybaby, today.

Tony Lombardi said...

Griff, the reason for the hype is the bashing of his unconventional approach. At the end of the day, who cares if you get the "W"?

My point is how can you not like the guy NOW? I get that he may fail next season or even beginning Sunday. But he's an overachiever and I just don't get how anyone can hate him. He's not the one providing the hype. If anything, he keeps crediting everyone else and trying to defuse the hype.

Griff said...

People are sick of hearing about him. This is a time when you want to hear about YOUR team and YOUR players. Unless you are a Denver fan, I can understand why people are upset. All the sports stations are talking about is Tebow. I want to hear about the Ravens, not the Bronco's. You would think he was Roy Hobbs, or something.

Tony Lombardi said...

I hear you but he's not the one responsible for the hype and folks should be able to sift through that and see what is real about the guy.

Spirits like Tebows are what helped make this country great and I find his story inspiring. Maybe I'm alone in that but I sure hope not!

Griff said...

I hope the kid has a great career, but with 3 games left, I am all about my team right now. I never said I hated him so don't put me in with the haters. I understand what you mean about the media, but that is where we get most of our information. Go RAVENS!

Tony Lombardi said...

Griff, don't think I said you hated him...sorry if you took it that way.

Scott said...

First things first: there is no questioning Tebow's heart, innate athleticism, or ability to lead. You can, however, question what is going to happen to the kid when either A) his defense doesn't keep the score low enough for him to pull off a miracle victory via a 59 yard field goal, or B) defensive coordinators get just that much more tape, and like the flash in the pan that was the Wildcat, completely shut down Tebows' game. He certainly isn't going to beat you with his arm, which is where the criticism surrounding him originates.

Regarding his faith, even as an Atheist I could not care less. He has the right to believe in whatever he wants. I did have an issue with his support of the pro-life commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, but I would have been equally upset if it had been a pro-choice commercial. I watch football to escape from the real world, not to be reminded of it. Keep that kind of crap out of the NFL and I don't care if you worship Cthulhu in your free time.

Big Meaty said...

A couple of points:

1. Why are the "great" QB's like Manning, Elway, Aikman, etc allowed to LOSE 15 games in their first season and be praised and Tebow win 7 of 8 and is villified?

2. Phillip River is a little unconventional in his delivery. Is he admonished mercilessly?

3. Cam Newton throws 2 interceptions a game and is unconventional. He is treated like a football hero.

4. Broncos were hopeless when they named Tebow the starter, then traded their best player to the Rams and had their top 2 RBs go down with injury. You can't even name the guys on this roster... and Tebow just wins.

5. All you Jesus haters, I am betting you love yourselves some Christmas. Fools. Jesus is good when He is convenient, right?


Read it and weep, knuckleheads.

Give the guys some players and give him a shot. Get off his back and cheer for a guy that doesn't beat his wife, rape kids or carry guns to night clubs.

Are our priorities that messed up? Griff, get over yourself and "it's all about my team" crap. You think any of these dudes on your team ae about you.

Go, Tebow.

Go, Jesus Christ. Why don't we stand up and cheer for him once... just once.

Jerry B said...

How long do you think it will take defensive coordinators to figure out that you have to keep him in the pocket and force him to throw to beat him? He's not the most accurate guy, but he gets "props" for his positive mental outlook and leadership. Remember, "it's attitude, more than aptitude that determines....altitude"! He seems to have....both!

Anonymous said...

Tony thank you for this article. We will see what kind of QB he will become, he is riding a wave of amazing endings. Remember his second start, the media wrote him off with that loss and yet he has proven them wrong. Now is God helping him win, I'll ask God in 45 years or so; but does God give him the strength of heart and the conviction to do the best with the gifts he has it appears so…

Les Crue said...

I have a reason to dislike (not hate) Tebow. It's called ESPN. They treat Tebow like he's God or something. I mean, it was ALL Tebow who drove the Broncos to the um, Bears' 49 YARD LINE for th,e tying FG attempt. Anywhere else, that kick is well short and the Broncos lose.

Then there's Bucktooth John Elway--remember that guy who told Baltimore basically to go to hell and he wouldn't play here?? I hate Elway and anything that has to do with him, and since Tebow has to do with him, I dislike Tebow.

Finally, the Broncos could very well be a Ravens opponent in the playoffs this year. I don't want the dreaded Tebow magic to knock the Ravens out of the playoffs.

Dan the Man said...

Finally someone had the stones to say it! Bravo! And you too Mr. Big Meaty!

Joel J. said...

I don't get people that hate Tebow and I've seen the comments on Ravens 247's Facebook page. Those who speak out against Tebow are the same people who enjoy the evening news. Why? Because in a twisted way they feel better about themselves through the misfortune of others.

With Tebow, he's driven by his faith to improve on the field and be a better teammate. And that seems to bother those who are lazy and uninspired. So they push back because he's a reminder of all the things they are not.

And with Ravens fans, there seems to be a double standard. Just yesterday, Ray Lewis shared this:

“When God removes you from something, he’s trying to show you something else,” Lewis said. “God has shared with a lot with me these last couple weeks. A lot of what he’s shared with me, I’ve shared with my teammates. It had to happen. If it didn’t happen, we don’t know where we would be right now. We’re coming together as a team. You see great teams go on to do great things through adversity. That’s what I’m proud of my team doing right now.”

Fans will scoff this off as just Ray being Ray. Now if Tebow would say the same, many of the Ravens faithful would roll their eyes at the "Bible beater." You can't have it both ways. Stop being hypocrites.

kidsampson said...

I honestly couldn't care less about his faith. I have absolutely no issue with it at all. What I do have an issue with is the media, and you are now included in that, telling me that the only reason I don't like Tebow is because of his faith. But I guess it's just too easy to attack his critics as "Jesus haters" or whatever even though they may see faults in how he actually plays the game.

Honestly, I don't like him as a player because he throws like a girl! His passes stay in the air so long my grandmother could catch one. The main reason for his success is that teams don't play disciplined against the pass in order to stop the running game (which, I admit, he has a lot to do with). Secondaries cheat so much for run support, that they end up leaving the WRs wide open. His game won't work against a good run stopping front seven (e.g. Ravens or Steelers). This will eventually be shown and the hype will finally fizzle. Tebow will still love Jesus and I will still not care about Tebow loving Jesus.