Sunday, November 13, 2011

ESPN Sells Out Again!

Every now and then I try to put on my objective journalistic ball cap and remove emotion with the sole intent being to achieve clarity of thought and unbiased opining. But then I remember that we are a fan site and that it’s not only ok to wear your heart on your sleeve, it’s preferred.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t offer quality and objectivity. It just means that with the delivery the tenor is a little more celebratory after a win and little more painful after a loss.

That’s our M.O.

It’s what we are supposed to do.

But how do you explain ESPN’s blatant selling out to the Terrible Towel-a-ban?

Here they are, the self-proclaimed “Worldwide Leader” trumpeting the horns of “Towel Around the World”, a blatant attempt to jump on the world’s biggest bandwagon – Steelers Nation. They are supposed to be a beacon of objectivity but instead they are ESPN: (An) Extraordinary Sports’ Prostitution Network.

They are the ultimate sell outs and I so wish they we all had a worthy alternative.

Sure NFL Network is great for the NFL but c’mon CBS or Fox or NBC – can’t you guys come up with an alternative to television’s street whores? (With all due apology to the world’s oldest profession.)

I’m sure Steelers fans are smiling and laughing over this one.

Go ahead ESPN, keep feeding the Towel-a-ban. One day you’ll hang from those towels and we can call you EPSN, Entertaining Pittsburgh Steelers Nation (only).


Allan said...

The Terrible A**wipe didn't work too well last week.

Anonymous said...

Jealous Ratbird fans!!! Ha Ha Ha!

Steve said...

send a towel for me in Trinidad...I'll wave it all around..

Jerry B said...

TL: you are surprised by media bias? Have you been following politics in recent years? Of course, the media is biased, particularly the mainstream media, so it should come as no surprise that they now favor the Steelers just as they did "America's Team" in Dallas for....years!

Stewart said...

I am a true purple fan and see no problem whatsoever with the commercial. What other team has someting that could be used in a commercial like the towel? This isn't marketing the Steelers, it is marketing worldwide fans of the NFL. Relax my man and enjoy the slaughter today.