Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T.O. to B'more is enough to make you cry!

When you struggle on offense and your receivers are stuck to opposing defensive backs like they are Siamese Twins it’s only natural to want someone, anyone who can get open. Terrell Owens could be that guy!

But it ain’t gonna happen! Not here in Baltimore.

You may recall that the Ravens brokered a deal with the 49ers back in the day to obtain Owens but the deal fell through after Owens threw a tantrum like a toddler who just got his lollipop taken away. The tantrum included some unflattering remarks about Ozzie Newsome.

Per Owens vis-à-vis his then agent David Joseph, Newsome allegedly said that he, “was a black man from Alabama just like T.O.” and added that “sometimes a black man’s gotta be slapped.”

In his narcissistic diva autobiography Owens claimed that he was stunned by the alleged remarks from Ozzie and that they were the primary reason he refused to report to the Ravens.

Newsome would later scoff at the allegations and explain, “I did tell T.O. that he should check with the veterans we brought in over the years. I told him to call Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe, Michael McCrary, and Sam Adams, and they will let him know how we treat veterans here.”

So let’s just scratch T.O. off that rumor list and while you’re at it, deep six any thought of Randy Moss as well. Volatile receivers just aren’t going to work here – not with an offense lacking identity and leadership.


Jerry B said...

Oh, yeah, that's just what this offense needs.....a malcontent to add to their problems! Please N O to T O!

Carl said...

I'm with T.O. on this one... Why would anyone want to come to Baltimore and have your career depend on a QB named Kyle Boller. I would have passed on that deal myself.