Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Say Your Prayers!

During Sunday’s game against the Texans, the first half ended with a Hail Mary pass from Matt Schaub into the Ravens end zone. On the play Chuck Pagano, after a time out mind you, decided to rush only 1 player, Terrell Suggs. The other 2 defenders at the line of scrimmage could have called Domino’s and got their delivery. They just stood there.

In hindsight, Schaub could have stood there too and waited until a player decided to break out of the end zone cluster and then completed a TD pass. Chuck, here’s hoping you take that play to the shredder. If another team has an opportunity to “pray” against the Ravens and they’ve seen this method of defending the prayer, it could prove costly.


Jerry B said...

Couldn't agree more, TL! Having figured out that the only successful pass defense in the pass happy NFL is the pass rush, one wonders what he was thinking at such a critical moment. Of course, it worked, so, unfortunately, we can probably expect to see it again......