Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"How to say "I f'd up" in 293 words", by John Harbaugh

“Now, that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’m even more sure that it was the right thing,” Harbaugh said. “And I think you can go both ways on it, but we had a chance to do a probability study, and that’s another thing that Matt Weiss does, and the probabilities are for kicking the onsides kick. And that’s giving a 21-percent onside kick recovery rate, and that’s assuming that that’s a touchback, so that they get the two-minute warning – which to me, if I’m them, I’m bringing the ball out, unless it’s kicked out of the back of the end zone. So, you know what? I think it’s fair to say you can do it either way.

“I felt strongly about the onside kick, and the main reason was because I thought we were going to get it. So, you can take that 21-percent and make it 50-percent-plus in my mind, because I liked our scheme on that play. And if you look at the way, we had them outnumbered at the point of attack. If that ball goes 10 yards, which is not asking too much, then we’re going to recover that ball. Now we’ve got the ball with two minutes, plus two timeouts, plus the two-minute warning, to go from the 45- to 50 into close field goal range and give us the best chance to make a kick and win the game. I felt strongly about it then, and I feel even more strongly about it now that it gave us the best chance to win. But, I also acknowledge you can definitely make the case the other way. If everything works out perfectly the other way, you have a chance to win the other way, too.”

For some reason this spin has me thinking about an old Wings song from 1979…

You want percentages coach?

Billy Cundiff has had 70% of his kickoff go for touchbacks.

And Blaine Gabbert up until Monday had won exactly 0% of his starts.

Just admit it Harbs, you were wrong!

Hey and since I’m showing my age (see video below), I have a new nickname for you… “The Fonz.”


Jerry B said...

Bisciotti is not just an owner; he's a fan! Imagine what he's feeling if we're so frustrated and disappointed with this offense. By the way, I'm not so sure that Harbaugh would have had the "balls" to fire Mattison last year if he hadn't left of his own volition because of his close association with Jack Harbaugh. And, given that Cameron gave Harbaugh his first assistant job when he was head coach at Indiana, it's likely that this deecision will have to come from the top. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Harbaugh, whose won-lost record is more the byproduct of the talent he inherited rather than his coaching, doesn't come in for his share of criticism from the "Boss", too. This is the kind of mess that comes from "underachieving".......