Thursday, September 22, 2011


Are the 2011 Ravens the team we saw on opening day against the Steelers or the bunch we watched this past Sunday in Nashville, devoid of any sense of urgency?

Or does the real Ravens 2011 vintage lie somewhere in between?

Against the Steelers the Ravens were the clear aggressors. They delivered the physicality, the tempo and a killer instinct rarely seen from a Cam Cameron offense. In LP Field the Ravens executed poorly, delivered frighteningly familiar results against a Cover 2 defense and despite being down by 2 scores late in the game they moved to the line of scrimmage at a snail’s pace.

Steve Bisciotti once said that he likes Cameron under fire. If they fail to produce in St. Louis, watch out!

It’s next to unconscionable that the Ravens can’t find mismatches with speedy TE Ed Dickson or that they can’t execute a professional bubble screen to Torrey Smith to at least get him into the flow of the game. And not just a throw to the outside so he can go one on one with a corner! How about getting the linemen out in space and at least trying to turn a short toss into a big gain?


Jerry B said...

This may be the only offense on the planet where receivers consistently have trouble getting open! Inexplicable.......

Jerry B said...

Well, at least we now know why Cameron opted for "patience" in lieu of urgency - he was emphasizing cohesion and execution. I guess that explains the "delay of game" penalty at the Titan's 6 with under 7 minutes to play and down 13 points. Oh, and he points out that he did use the "no huddle" in Minnesota.....3 years ago!!! This guy is not the solution to the offensive problems; he is the....problem!