Friday, September 23, 2011

A sad day in Ravens Nation

Ravens Nation is saddened today by the loss of Orlando Brown at the age of 40.

So young, so full of life.

It leaves us all feeling a bit anesthetized – perhaps humbled by our collective mortality.

When I think of Zeus, I recall a beast of a man on the field. A player you wanted on your side because when the game was on he was ferocious. Zeus took the description of Game Face to a new level.

I’ll remember him as a mauler just as much as I’ll remember him for shoving referee Jeff Triplette to the ground after the official mistakenly hit Brown in the eye with an errant penalty flag.

When I think of Zeus’ alter ego Orlando I will remember a gentle giant, a happy-go-lucky man who took pride in his ride. A guy who would show up at Ravens Roost bull roasts and enthusiastically extend that huge mitt of a hand.

But these things aside, the lasting image I’ll have of Orlando was in Westminster a few summers ago during Ravens camp. Brown showed up wearing a Spud Webb jersey. The irony of this behemoth of a man wearing a tiny NBA player’s jersey was both comical and revealing.

Total opposites, just like his personalities on and off the field.

Rest in peace big fella!

Ravens Nation will miss you…


Tony Lombardi said...

After posting this I spoke with someone in the organization who described Orlando as "one of the best of the best." I was told that He and Ray Lewis were the hardest workers to come through the building and that he'd do anything for anyone at anytime.

We were all robbed today.