Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ravens sign Gurode...what's next?

The Ravens today agreed to a deal with Cowboys 5-time Pro Bowl center Andre Gurode (pronounced jer-ODD). The 1 year deal has a maximum value of $3 million.

Gurode underwent surgery on his right knee and according Shan Shariff from 105.3 The Fan’s New School in Dallas, the Cowboys weren’t thrilled with his conditioning when he reported to camp. Mix in his $5 million plus salary and the belief that backup Phil Costa, an undrafted player out of the University of Maryland, was playing just as effectively, and Gurode’s days in the Big D were numbered.

Pending a successful physical Gurode will sign his deal tomorrow.

It remains to be seen who will be the Ravens primary starter at center, Gurode or incumbent Matt Birk. Interestingly enough Gurode’s maximum salary matches Birk’s deal. The Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome stated today that the addition of Gurode is a depth move.

“To have a successful season, you have to have quality depth across the board”, said Newsome. “We just added great depth to the interior O-line."

Time will tell how it plays out but options include cutting Birk, assigning Mattison to the practice squad or making a move elsewhere on the roster. Mattison has played in only 2 NFL games and therefore he has practice squad eligibility remaining. The Ravens could also opt to move one of the surprise roster additions to the practice squad.

The team doesn’t have to make a roster decision until after the Ravens v. Steelers game. They get a 1 week roster reprieve due to David Reed’s suspension.


dave said...

Just think, if they came to a deal with Ngata they'd have enough cap room to sign Jim Otto & Jim Ringo, too.

ABM (Angry Black Man) said...

Do your homework. Mattison's been on the practice squad three straight years and he's not practice squad elgible.

It's this kind of shoddy reporting that causes true fans to go elsewhere.

Tony Lombardi said...


Like Pepsi you have the freedom of choice. Go where you please but thanks for the visit nonetheless.

Mattison has served parts of 2010 and 2008 on the Ravens practice squad plus the entire 2009 season. He has been on the 53 man active squad for 2 games in his career, both in 2010.

I was told by a source close to the team that Mattison does have some PS eligibility because he hasn't been a PS member for 3 full seasons and hasn't accrued enough regular season or post season games to DISqualify him from PS eligibility.

I'll inquire with a couple of other sources and see if I can get more 411 on the topic.

Jerry B said...

Gurode signing is a "no brainer", particularly after Rabach failed his physical. The OL is beginninng to look formidable. I can think of only one reason Mattison is still on the team and that has to do with.....nepotism!

Jerry B said...

Addendum to earlier comment: it's easy to second guess acquisitions like Gurode and McKinnie at this stage of their careers, but where would the Steeler's OL have been last year without the help of Flozell Adams, who really was over-the-hill? In the "fluid", cap strapped, free agency of today's NFL, one team's liability can, and often does, become another team's.....asset!

Tony Lombardi said...

Despite a couple of sources I checked with who said they believed Mattison had practice squad eligibility left, a high ranking source within the organization confirmed with me today that he does NOT. It was all or nothing for him. So far, he's a survivor.

My apologies to all of you, Bryan Mattison and of course to ABM.

Jerry B said...

Let's see, he couldn't make it as a DL and obviously can't play center because they went out and got Gurode all of which heightens my belief that he's hanging around PRIMARILY because of his father's relationship with Harbaugh's father and Harbaugh.....

ABM (Angry Black Man) said...

Tony, nice of you to admit a mistake. I applaud you checking and admitting your error.

Jerry B--
You are a fool if you think the Ravens kept Mattison because of nepotism. He made the team because Birk got hurt and they had no other quality backups (remember losing Chester). Do you really think the Ravens kept Mattison because his pops is friends with JH? Plus, the guy played virtually every play in four preseason games and he played better than Oher, in my opinion.

Enough with the anti-Harbaugh slobber.

Jerry B said...

I repeat: Mattison couldn't make it as a DL and, while he took every snap in the preseason due to Birk's injury, he was so good that they went out and got another center! If he makes the final squad at the start of the season, it won't be because of his athleticism or talent......