Thursday, September 22, 2011

How can the Ravens invest their newfound cap dollars?

Well, the names Rice, Flacco and Grubbs come to mind as possibilities. Flacco has another year on his 5 year rookie deal so the Ravens will probably wait that one out. Plus the guess here is that Flacco’s handlers probably will price him among the Top 10 QB’s in the game, perhaps even higher. I’m not so sure at the moment that he ranks there and it behooves the team to wait it out and see. That’s the beauty of a rookie contract.

As for Grubbs, the Ravens signing Marshal Yanda did in any possibility of the fifth year former Auburn Tiger landing a lucrative long-term deal in Baltimore. The bet here is that the Ravens will go after a Yanda-like player in the draft who will deliver a better value in terms of cost to performance. That’s not to say Grubbs hasn’t been a good player but given Yanda’s deal and Grubb’s first round status in the same draft class as the team’s resident pig farmer, he will no longer be the right player, right price.

And let’s not forget the Ravens may have left tackle issues in 2012 to address. It doesn’t appear that either Michael Oher or Jah Reid is suited to play the blind side.

So that leaves Ray Rice…

And the franchise tag will just scream his name, particularly on the heels of the fat contracts of Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson landed.

Rice is the team’s best offensive player but given the nature of the position, Ozzie may find the franchise tag to be the right price in the short-term. That said 2013 will be D-Day for Flacco and the thought of extending both players in the same season might prove to be a drain on cash flow. Either way it will be interesting to watch these chess matches unfold.


Jerry B said...

Very confusing these days with "cap" constraints, free agency, etc. Fortunately, we have Ozzie, so my hunch is it will be done properly.......