Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flacco emerging as leader

Team insiders have been impressed by Joe Flacco’s developing confidence and his maturation as a leader. Word is that at least some of the big strike attempts made by the Ravens in St. Louis were Flacco’s choices while at the line of scrimmage. (I guess audibles aren’t overrated after all). This coupled with Joe’s post game comments centering upon the importance of an attack mentality in the NFL helps morph a once seemingly fearful offense into a fearless one.

That doesn’t mean that Cam Cameron’s unit is without weakness. Michael Oher continues to put the offense at a disadvantage with costly penalties. His move to right tackle was supposed to help temper the miscues. So far they haven’t although that said, Oher has played better on the right side. It will be interesting to see what the Ravens decide to do during the 2012 offseason about the left tackle position. Either way there will be questions. Will Jah Reid and Oher duke it out for the right tackle slot in ’12? Will they bring back Bryant McKinnie or will they lean on the draft for a new left tackle? Keep in mind the team needs to get younger at linebacker and they will probably need to replace Ben Grubbs who is expected to command a paycheck that the Ravens are unlikely to sign.


Jerry B said...

Too early for such conjecture and speculation! But, Joe's right in wanting to emphasize the passing game because that's what the NFL has determined it wants. As I've stated often elsewhere, with so many rules impeding pass defenders, passing is the name of the game on offense and pressuring the passer is the same on defense! As the late Charlie Eckman would have said, "It's a simple game"........