Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bisciotti Delivers Ngata!

Each year Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti joins us on the Ravens Rap in Ocean City, a momentary lapse from his vow of silence during the season. Bisciotti is always candid and engaging both during and after the show when he mingles with the enthusiastic crowd on hand.

Last year during his appearance I asked him about re-signing Haloti Ngata and added that he better be prepared to back up the Brinks Truck.

Bisciotti promised that Ngata would be going nowhere because he represents all that the Ravens want in a player on the field, in the locker room, as a leader and in the community.

I could almost hear that backup warning signal from the iron-plated vehicle powered by the sincerity in the Ravens owner’s voice.

And he delivered!

Ngata’s new 5 year deal gives the Ravens some salary cap breathing space and now Ozzie Newsome & Co. have a few extra bargaining chips to help the team now or in the future. On the surface the terms of the deal look to be a perfect example of a well executed win-win. The team locks up arguably its best defender while Ngata lands a mammoth deal that still allows him the luxury to earn that rare third long-term deal during his career.

Once the 5 year deal is complete, Ngata will only be 32 years old, not exactly long in the tooth when it comes to run-stuffing defensive tackles. That carrot if you will, may fuel Ngata’s motivation even more and that is good news for the team and bad news for Ravens’ opponents.


Jerry B said...

Nice move for all concerned! Now Bisciotti can turn his attention to the performance on the field and, more specifically, to a coaching staff whose acumen is sometimes questionable........