Monday, August 15, 2011

Ravens fans deserve the truth!

If you were to take most media reports as gospel as they relate to the Ravens free agency efforts this summer, several sources would have you believe that the team:

• Had major interested in trading for Osi Umenyiora and that some within the organization openly campaigned for the Giants defensive end
• Courted Malcom Floyd who eventually took less money to stay in San Diego
• Was left standing at the altar by Derrick Mason to play for Sexy Rexy & the Jets
• Signed a player in Lee Evans who “can be difficult to deal with at times”

But you all know better than that which in part is why you are reading this. Because you want the truth!

So here it is…

On Umenyiora: Since last season a Ravens’ source has shared with me after inquiring about the Big Blue sack master (given the team’s then inability to get to the quarterback), that the front office doesn’t think that Osi is a fit for what the team does schematically on defense. Umenyiora is a 4-3 defensive end and a less than enthusiastic participant in run support. Couple that with his contract demands, the cost to get him (probably a second round pick) and the emergence of some young players who can get after the quarterback (Paul Kruger, Art Jones, Sergio Kindle & Pernell McPhee) and it’s easy to see why those ill-advised hopes promulgated by the media for Umenyiora went sayonara.

On Malcom Floyd: The Floyd noise was nothing more than his agent’s efforts to pump up the volume for his client. The Ravens had a need, his client fit the need and he once played in Cam Cameron’s system. Behind the scenes Floyd’s agent baited The Ravens into the Floyd Sweepstakes but the Ravens only gave them a weak, low ball offer.

On Derrick Mason: If the Ravens had wanted to keep Mason, they would never have cut him. They would have re-negotiated with him from the start. Truth is, the Ravens were ready to move on after last season – and they did. Unless of course you believe some of the misinformed members of the media who enjoy playing their version of connect the dots and mistake it for the truth.

On Lee Evans: The Ravens closely studied the rosters of all NFL teams during the offseason and throughout the lockout to seek players who may be expendable and could help the Ravens. Ozzie Newsome and his staff spotted one in Lee Evans and they targeted him all the way back in March. Newsome’s patience paid off because the player they landed is a big schematic upgrade over Mason and a vastly superior player than Floyd.

And as for Evans being “difficult to deal with at times”, I’ve heard nothing but extremely positive comments about the former Bill from teammates and Buffalo media members who cover the team.

But I suppose good guys don’t sell newspapers or generate web traffic so they just make stuff up.

Hey it works for the tabloids, right?


Fast Eddie said...

This is pretty spot on! Too bad guys like Preston can't do some factual reporting. His quote that Evans was tough to deal with was brought up on the radio this morning and his answer was "listen all wide receivers in the NFL are hard to deal with, that's the nature of the position" In other words it was completely inaccurate to categorize Evans as difficult, but my opinion is that all receivers are difficult so I threw it in there for good measure. The Ravens will get Ngata's deal done, free up cap space and will have room to help the O line and get a decent backup QB. Not sure why everyone freaks out about backup QB though, we aren't winning the super bowl with a backup QB anyway and if Flacco goes down we're in trouble. The Colts haven't worried about a backup QB for years and it's never hurt them. Keep up the good work and true fans will keep reading. Let the losers freak out on the Sun blogs.

Anonymous said...

@Fast Eddie

Its a lack of respect for Flacco. Most people STILL think we can win without him. That we can just sub someone else in and not miss a beat. I look forward to and dread the day that we get to test that theory.

Jerry B said...

I like all their moves, TL, and believe that each one is an upgrade and that includes the release of long time fan favorite, Todd Heap, who just got so beat up in Billick's "system", that he never really developed into the Shannon Sharpe replacement as he was invisioned. Dickson and Pitta will give the Ravens more of a deep threat than Heap at this point. In the final analysis, we all have opinions, but ONLY the front office is privy to the inside info and from my vantage point, it appears that Ozzie has put together a pretty good football team once again.....

Raven Nurse said...

I have always said, Ozzie has a plan. It makes no sense for him to share that plan. Speculation is all we are ever going to get. I am fine with that. It is kind of fun anyway.

Jerry B said...

Memo to "Fast Eddie": you may be right about the Ravens not being able to win a Super Bowl with a backup QB if Flacco gets hurt; however, the Ravens won a Super Bowl with a backup QB by the name of Trent Dilfer and there have been others as well, namely, Jeff Hostetler and Kurt Warner with Earl Morrall leading the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins to the Super Bowl. So, the importance of a quality, experienced backup QB cannot be underestimated. Finding one who is that capable is a different matter.......