Friday, August 05, 2011

Are Ngata's agents preventing a Malcom Floyd signing?

Haloti Ngata’s deal is said to be close to being completed and an educated guess is that it will be roughly 6 years, $72 million with about $40 million guaranteed (with maybe $18/18 M signing/option bonuses).

And while one source has shared that the deal is pretty much done, could it be that Ngata’s agent is holding the deal up knowing that his client’s signing could allow the Ravens to make other moves?

Think about it this way. If you are Priority Sports Management (Ngata’s agency) and you see that the Ravens have to free up space to sign WR Malcom Floyd or QB JP Losman or RB Clinton Portis or C/G Rich Seubert and your client’s signing is the linchpin that frees up all of these player signings (hypothetically), might you not want the Ravens to sweeten the offer just a bit?

The Ravens cap for the moment is pretty close to the brim. Estimates point to about $3-4 M in cap space – just enough to fit the reported offer to Floyd. But if the Ravens make that deal before they extend Ngata, they will have no emergency fund. No money to sign a much needed swing interior offensive lineman to pick up the slack for Casey Rabach and his failed physical.

And that leaves them fiscally vulnerable.


TimTheEnchanter said...

So... agents are sleazebags? (but sometimes it's nice when they're YOUR sleazebag?)


Next question!

Jerry B said...

You may have a point, TL, but it would appear that Floyd "used" us as well as other teams to leverage the deal he obviously coveted in San Diego. Happens all the time, unfortunately. And, I'm not sure he's worth it, but I am sure that!!!!!