Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Two Minute Drill: Ravens, NFL News & Notes

Competitors don’t like to be backed into a corner so when you take some of the planet’s greatest competitors (NFL athletes) and pin them to the wall almost always a brawl of sorts ensues.

I am a bit curious as to why exactly they feel/felt so cornered. Didn’t they have an opportunity to sign this new CBA first on Wednesday?

We’ve all heard about how animated some of the player reps were in DC on what was to be player-signing-Wednesday. That just tells me that DeMaurice Smith and his merry band of filibusters did a poor job of keeping all player reps appraised of the developments during negotiations.

Tell me again, how can the players, out of one side of their collective mouth say that they have seen the new deal and then out of the other side say that the owners sneaked some things in there?

I got a kick out of Pete Prisco’s Tweets (including the one pictured) on Thursday after the owners ratified the new CBA. He beat up on the players side pretty good, particularly DeMaurice Smith.

Here are a couple other priceless Prisco-isms:

* If the players don't take this deal, after looking at it, they are crazy. Crazy. The owners gave them what they wanted. Look at it.

* Every NFL player has Twitter. They can tweet in their vote for recertification. This is the immediate era we live in, right?

And while we’re on the topic of Tweets, how about this short-sighted blonde moment from ESPN’s Mark Schlereth (@markschlereth):

* Think about this. If a preseason game is lost players stand to lose about $700 per man the league $200 million. Advantage players.

I don’t think so!

If the league loses preseason games pal, do you really think the players will only lose their $700 stipend? Really? Schlereth, you are a broadcaster on the worldwide leader and obviously you have no clue how the salary cap works! You don’t think that the $200+ million earned each preseason week by the league impacts the players?

Go back to sleep!

Not sure why I even pay attention to this cat. He’s the same analyst who labeled Haloti Ngata a bust.

And last but not least, HOO-RAH for SIZZLE! Terrell Suggs shared his thoughts on the stalled new CBA recently with The Sun’s Matt Vensel.

“I think it’s bananas. It’s crazy that we’re still here, that we ain’t got nothing done. What’s going on right now is just ridiculous,” Suggs said Friday afternoon. “We’re in a very fortunate business. The NFL is a very fortunate business. The players are very fortunate. And like I’ve said, who’s really losing out is the younger guys in the league and most importantly our fans, the people who make our business run.”

Wait to drive 55!

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Fran the Fan said...


One of the ways I've spent the lockout/decert is to pay absolutely no attention to what's been and currently said on the 4 Letter Network. Schlereth is an idiot and they're a few more on there that fall in the mentally deficient category, too.

Fran the Fan

Fran the Fan said...


One of the way I've spent the past 4 months is to completely ignore anything the 4 Letter Network says or has said about the lockout.

Granted, Schlereth is an idiot, but he just one of many talking heads on there that, well, talk out of the heads - and asses.

Come on, guys, vote and ratify the thing, and let get down to some football....

Fran the Fan