Friday, July 01, 2011

Landry's likely departure could open up opportunities for Ravens

The more I ponder it the more I think Dawan Landry has played his last game as a Raven. His coverage skills are average a best and he’s not the thumper he once was, probably (and quite naturally) stemming from his concussed spinal cord injury back in 2009. But make no mistake about it, Landry is a good guy and a good teammate whose time has come to leave the nest.

Like other safeties before him (Kim Herring, Will Demps, Jim Leonhard), Landry will receive a better offer from another club than the Ravens are willing to extend and like the others, he’ll no longer match up with Ozzie Newsome’s credo, “right player, right price.”

If and when Landry leaves the general consensus is that his vacated spot will be fought over by professional boxer Tom Zbikowski and martial arts black belt Haruki Nakamura. Yet a wild card in the competition could be Chris Carr.

Carr’s versatility coupled with a free agent price tag likely to be lower than fellow free agent CB Josh Wilson, could make Carr an appealing value for Newsome. Carr has also been a dependable player who hasn’t missed a game over the last 6 seasons. Wilson although a better cover corner has shown a greater propensity for injury.

It will be an interesting and difficult choice between Carr (28) and Wilson (26) but don’t be surprised if Carr gets the nod and if so it will be because he’s seen as a better value. And that could free up some cash that might allow the Ravens to pursue another pass rusher in free agency like Mathias Kiwanuka, Charles Johnson, Ray Edwards or Jason Babin.


Scott said...

I hadn't considered the idea of moving Carr to safety. I think Carr is a very underrated player and his coverage skills would probably transition well next to Ed. The problem is, what becomes of Zibby and Haruki? I like both of them, but I'm not necessarily sold on the idea that either can be a consistently solid player. The biggest question I would have with Carr is if he is big enough to play strong safety?

I've been ready for Landry to get the hell out of Dodge ever since he totally whiffed on keeping Jason Snelling out of the end zone during the Atlanta game last year. He had one job to do and he couldn't have failed at it worse!