Thursday, July 21, 2011

Did Rex Ryan spoil Ravens plans for a new offensive assistant?

Like many of you I heard about the Ravens' alleged interest in former Indianapolis Colts Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore who eventually accepted a consultant's position with Rexy & The Jets. So I inquired about it with the team and I could not get a confirmation or a denial.

And that makes it even more intriguing.

From what I've been able to piece together from the start of the offseason is that Steve Bisciotti leaned towards replacing Cam Cameron after the 2010 season but John Harbaugh saved him. The consensus as to why pointed towards the then probable lockout and the resulting limited time to install a new offensive system.

While this theory may include some speculative aspects (although I think that it's right) what is clear is that Cameron is on notice -- Bisciotti's words during the State of the Ravens presser left little doubt about that.

Since that time we've heard a positive spin on the departures of Jim Zorn and Al Saunders. The rationale is that Cam has fewer opinions to contend with and Joe Flacco will be given more in-game decision making responsibilities with the ultimate goal being to synch up Cam and Joe.

Fast forward to this "leak" about Tom Moore and hiring him to study game film from South Carolina. If the pursuit of Moore is true and the pursuit was carried out behind Cam's back, it could be another message to the Ravens Offensive Coordinator.

However, it may be that Cameron himself or Cameron in cooperation with Harbaugh (who is supposedly going to be more involved with the offense) reached out to Moore to provide a specific area of expertise from afar.

All that said, I hardly think that a 72-year-old consultant of sorts sitting on his couch in Hilton Head or wherever he plans to take a load off is going to make a difference between between Cam Cameron's offense playing a full 60 minutes and finishing the job against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But the thought is interesting and a nice diversion from NFLPA counsel Jeffrey Kessler's self-serving, filibustering ways.