Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Despite what Reed and Scott think Ravens got it right with Harbaugh

Recently Ed Reed was interviewed by ESPN’s Ed Werder. During the interview Reed expressed his affection for Rex Ryan and stated that the team wanted Ryan to become the Ravens’ head coach after Brian Billick was fired. It was not intended as a knock on Harbaugh who they barely knew (if at all) at the time.

Bart Scott in a recent interview with Pro Football Focus tried to expand upon Reed’s sentiments:

"I’m sure you guys are into the news and heard what Ed Reed said a couple of weeks ago about how disappointed he was and about how he wanted Rex to get the head job in Baltimore. No disrespect to John Harbaugh, but just how much he respected Rex, as well. It’s not just me. It’s anybody you talk to about the man. In life, you’re afforded a couple of special people. Not special coaches. You’re afforded special people. He’s a special person. When you find that special person, you know. Not only do I recognize it, but everybody to ever play for him recognizes it. It had nothing to do with him being a head coach or a coordinator. The same respect was given to him when he was a D-line coach. You know when people have the “it” factor? You know when somebody’s special."

Despite the affection of the Ravens’ players, Ryan was not the right guy to succeed Billick. The defense had far too much command of the team’s locker room already and installing Ryan as the head coach could have exacerbated the problem.

What the Ravens wanted and got with John Harbaugh is someone new and completely removed from the divisiveness of the 2007 squad. They also wanted someone more mature than Ryan who despite his successes so far in New York has proven to be a public relations train wreck saved only by his winning seasons.

Let’s see how it all goes down if the Jets begin to lose.

Perhaps then all his shenanigans with toes, flipping the bird to fans, having a “God d**n snack” and wearing wigs will go from amusing to embarrassing.

Make no mistake about it, long-term Harbaugh is a far better choice for the Baltimore Ravens.