Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baltimore Sports Talk is Blah-Blah-Blah

Sports talk radio here in Baltimore is in the crapper. It’s not Scott Garceau’s fault. It’s not Steve Davis’ fault. I don’t even think it is Bruce Cunningham’s fault. There’s just so much topical redundancy that sports talk has become one homogenous dose of stale Melba toast.

Over at 105.7 The Fan they have a deep roster of capable sports talkers who collectively burn through 18 hours of non-stop chatter over the same two topics:

1. The Orioles Suck!
2. When will the NFL Lockout end?

It has become the equivalent of Vuvuzela FM!

The good news is they say it will end soon – the lockout that is, not the Orioles losing. And with the lockout’s end a tsunami sized wave of new topics will roll in for the sports gabbers to sink their teeth into. And that’s good for them and for us because the irritating iPod-stuck-on-replay blathering will soon end.

You know I have to admit that I’ve come around on Ken Weinman’s sidekick Vinny Cerrato and that surprises me. First I direct a lot of the blame for the demise of the San Francisco 49ers (my second favorite NFL team) on Cerrato and his ties to the Redskins as Dan Snyder’s slacky also make him an easy target. After all it is a Baltimorean’s birthright to hate all things tied to the Redskins.

So for me and probably many of you, Cerrato had an uphill climb.

And then there’s that cackling laugh to get over – like nails on a chalkboard.

But you know what? Cerrato tackled that climb -- successfully. I like Vinny now and saying that is a quasi-shock to my system. But it’s true. Even if he was on a good day a substandard NFL GM he does bring a perspective that Weinman or any of his compatriots can’t. Cerrato delivers the NFL through the eyes of a sports executive and that is unique for Baltimore and captures my interest.

Plus, like him or not as a GM from a fan perspective, he seems to be well liked by the national media and others connected to the NFL. And those connections expose us all to guests we otherwise wouldn’t have access to and it sheds a different light on the world of sports.

And God knows we need that here in B’more.