Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will Kelly Gregg be a Raven in 2011?

Could the 2011 season be Kelly Gregg’s swansong season as a member of the Baltimore Ravens?

Will he even be with the team in 2011?

Gregg’s effectiveness has diminished rapidly over the past two seasons yet the team from top to bottom remains steadfast in their support of the often underappreciated defensive tackle. There have been murmurs that Gregg remained the starter in 2010 largely out of respect for past contributions. And while the NFL is largely a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league, it seems that Gregg’s accomplishments, largely unnoticed by many, earned him snaps in 2010 that weren't justified by the quality of his play.

Given the team’s enthusiasm over the potential of Terrence Cody and Arthur Jones, Gregg’s playing time could drop precipitously and if it does, it will be hard for Ozzie Newsome & Company to justify a $4.3 million salary and cap number in 2011 for “Buddy Lee” no matter how liked and respected he is.


Anonymous said...

would be very sad to see him go gregg has brought us alot of joy in the years ,, my fav moment is when he got the interception an was running it back and ray lewis came up beside him for the handoff great times go buddy lee!!!!

Tony Lombardi said...

My favorite Buddy Lee moment was when the slowest guy on the field (Gregg) caught the fastest guy on the field (Mike Vick) and then dumped him on the ground like a rag doll for a big sack v. Atlanta at M&T.