Friday, June 24, 2011

U2 360 Baltimore: The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox

It has been roughly 35 hours since U2 delivered their final note on Wednesday night and I am still energized by the performance. The atmosphere in and around M&T Bank Stadium was nothing short of high voltage electricity. The band’s performance was a landslide winner and the event a crowning achievement for the city of Baltimore.

Here’s a look back…

THE GOOD: One might expect bottlenecks in the queue leading into the stadium similar to those prior to Ravens’ games. Instead and to my delight ticket holders walked in freely without the criminal-like pat downs during football season. Maybe rock fans are less likely than football fans to enter the stadium with weapons of mass destruction? Hey maybe now that bin Laden is swimming with the fishes entrance into M&T will be less intrusive?...U2’s 360 stage, something that Star Wars might be interested in when the band no longer wants it, looked like a gargantuan Alaskan King Crab during the daylight but when the sun went down and its lights came on, it was an off-the-hook technological spectacle that somehow made a packed stadium seem intimate…

The band was in great form and perhaps energized by the rest in between performances (last gig was June 18 in Anaheim, CA). Bono’s vocals couldn’t have been better and the band effortlessly glided with and fed off each other…Best song performances were: “I Will Follow”, “Where The Streets Have No Name”, “I Still Haven’t Found” and the mini-set from Achtung Baby to open the show… Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelly’s introduction of "Beautiful Day" was innovative and fitting…Bono’s dedication to Clarence Clemons was a very heartfelt touch of class.

THE BAD: Not including “Bad” in the set list was a head scratching omission. That’s on par with going to see Bruce Springsteen and never hearing “Born to Run.”

THE UGLY: Federal Hill bars were so ill-equipped to handle the patrons – or should I say potential patrons. We breezed through several establishments that were about as poised as Kyle Boller facing a blitz. Each seemed staffed for another hum-drum Wednesday afternoon. Hello McFly! Didn’t they get the memo that the largest crowd ever to descend upon M&T Bank Stadium was on its way?

THE MEGAN FOX AWARD: Given such a superlative effort by the band, city and its citizens, it’s difficult to single out one thing – so I won’t…The introduction of the band to the crowd vis-à-vis David Bowie’s Space Oddity was outstanding, particularly the use and the timing of the video screens above the stage for all to witness the band’s stroll towards the 360 monstrosity (video below). Stadium management without a doubt brought its “A” Game and the sea of humanity that filled M&T more than ever before was respectfully raucous and the band was clearly appreciative.

Here’s a link to our U2 Photo Gallery.


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The Future "Mr. Fox" said...

Just a couple things to add to this:

1. Megan Fox is hot
2. Love the videos
3. Picture gallery is great, where can I send my pics to add to the gallery
4. Megan Fox is hotter than the last time I said "Megan Fox is hot."

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NoU2 said...

I am so pissed that I didn't go! I've seen them 3 times and when they said it might rain I wussed out and sold my tix.

Can you say dumb ass?

Thanks for rubbing it in Tony but the visit to your blog was worth it anyway thanks to Megan. WOW!

BDL1994 said...

I filmed the Beautiful Day video. Thanks for getting it out there. Great blog.

Tony Lombardi said...

Great job on the vid BDL!

What a great red letter day for our city!