Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sergio Kindle equates to found "money" for the Ravens

Have you ever put on a pair of shorts after breaking them out from a long winter’s nap and after sliding into them, you notice that there’s something in the pocket? You reach in and pull out money that somehow escaped your notice when the previous summer’s sun set for the final time.


In the case of the Baltimore Ravens, what they found in their proverbial pocket is a pass rush linebacker named Sergio Kindle. And for the Ravens in 2011 Kindle is the equivalent of another second round draft pick and potential a big win for them.

Recently the former Texas Longhorn was given medical clearance to play and despite lingering hearing problems in his left year, the Ravens’ coaches and front office are excited by the talents the playmaking linebacker exhibited during team OTA’s in 2010. He’s been compared to his former collegiate teammate and current Washington Redskin, Brian Orakpo.

The team expects Kindle to make an impact on third down and as a pursuit strong side linebacker. The issues with his hearing aren’t expected to alter their plans for Kindle because his assignments won’t be much more complicated than going after the opposing player standing behind center.

Here’s more on Kindle and several Ravens related topics including Terrence Cody, Paul Kruger, Torrey Smith and more with Ravens’ Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta, heard on The Coach’s Buzz on ESPN Radio 1300.

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