Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Rookie QB Taylor can thank Cam Cameron for his trip to Baltimore

Quarterbacks at any level are always under scrutiny but nowhere is such surveillance more intense on the position than in the NFL. And soon Ravens’ rookie QB Tyrod Taylor will feel the pressure of what promises to be a baptism of fire.

After a recent players-only workout at Towson University spearheaded by Derrick Mason and Joe Flacco, observers were left wondering why the Ravens even bothered burning a sixth round pick on a signal caller who plays even smaller than another vertically challenged QB who once wore a Ravens jersey – Troy Smith.

While both are a reported 6’1”, Taylor’s release point is lower than Smith’s and the guess here is that he’ll have his fair share of batted balls at the line of scrimmage. Granted it’s very early but after first blush Ozzie Newsome’s choice of Taylor is a real head scratcher. And while Ozzie may eventually take the heat for choosing the fleet-footed former Hokie from Virginia Tech word is that the person influencing the pick is none other than Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Taylor’s deficiencies were even more apparent not only when observed alongside Joe Flacco but also practice squad QB Hunter Cantwell. The former Louisville Cardinal possesses a decent fastball and has good size but his motion is a bit awkward and given the low starting point when delivering the football he is vulnerable to stripped balls from oncoming pass rushers.

With Marc Bulger’s future in Baltimore in doubt given potential starting jobs elsewhere, look for the club to land a veteran QB at some point – someone along the lines of Billy Volek. It’s a real stretch to think that the team would enter the 2011 season with Taylor and/or Cantwell as the go to guys in the event of a Flacco injury.

And when that veteran QB acquisition happens (and it will) Taylor or Cantwell will head back to the practice squad. Given the depth of talent on the Ravens’ roster it would be surprising to see them carrying three QB’s particularly when if forced into service, Taylor or Cantwell would inspire a communal service with hymns pleading for the return of Kyle Boller.

And please, if you think the potential of a revitalized “Suggs Package” is enough to keep Tyrod Taylor around, that highly overrated gimmick sailed on with the exodus of Troy Smith. There’s a better chance of Bulger remaining as Flacco’s relief pitcher than Taylor making the team.

Then we can all thank Cam again…


Anonymous said...

I think your wrong. The longer the lockout drags on the more likely the NFL is to do something to help teams keep draft picks around for evaluation. Goddell has said as much. If the NFL does something like a roster exemption for NFL draft picks, the Ravens will have no reason to cut him. Even if its just a roster expansion, they wont have much reason to cut him.

Heck for a fan base that hates its starting QB so much, you'd think people would be pulling for this kid to become something better than Flacco, not kicking him off the team. (Please note the sarcasm)

Phil from Frostburg said...

Anon - nobody is pulling for Tyrod not to make it, but the pick just makes no sense. Any Va Tech fan who has seen him play often knows that Taylor is nowhere near an NFL-caliber QB, and his seeming reluctance to be placed in a "slash" type role makes it an even stranger pick yet. The team will be in desperate need of a legitimate backup QB once the lockout ends.