Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rice hints that McGahee is done in Baltimore

During the Ravens’ player organized workout back in May at Towson University, Ray Rice bounced around the field like a kid with a new toy. Clearly the lockout couldn’t curb his enthusiasm.

After the “practice with caution” Rice met with the media and touched on several topics, one of which was the team’s seventh round draft pick from Georgia Tech, running back Anthony Allen.

"Anthony Allen, he's definitely a big dude," Rice said. "He's definitely a guy who I feel is worthy of playing running back on this team. Anybody that can counterpart with me, I'm willing to help."

Most of you are aware that Willis McGahee’s contract calls for him to earn $6 million plus in 2011. His camp has said that he will not accept a pay cut and there have been overtures that McGahee believes he can be a featured back in the league.

That’s not going to happen in Baltimore and the only way he’ll get the $6 mil per from the Ravens (and perhaps any team for that matter) is if he buys into the dollar per year over the next 6 million years.

So if both camps are firm in their respective positions, McGahee has already taken his last snap as a Raven.

And the statement from Rice regarding Allen seems to suggest the same.

Rice and McGahee are pretty tight off the field. Do you think Rice’s choice of words may have been a bit different if in fact McGahee planned to return?

Thanks for the memories Willis!