Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ravens secondary will have a new look in 2011

The Baltimore Ravens secondary will have a new look this season beginning of course with the addition of CB Jimmy Smith. But the changes will not stop there.

Chris Carr, Josh Wilson and Dawan Landry are all likely to be free agents while CB Domonique Foxworth is expected to return from an ACL tear. Carr has been a long-time favorite of Chuck Pagano’s and to a large extent, he’s the reason Carr has been a Raven. Wilson is from the area and has a strong bond with both Foxworth and rookie WR Torrey Smith – all three former Maryland Terrapins. Yet it seems doubtful that the team will be able to keep both Carr and Wilson and that might give the talented but untested Carey Williams a chance to compete for some playing time.

As for Lardarius Webb, he looks to rebound from an inconsistent 2010. Now that his knee should be fully recovered the Ravens may line Webb up at the nickel corner more frequently and ask him to blitz from that spot on occasion – something the aggressive Pagano is likely to do more of than predecessor Greg Mattison.

At safety the odds appear better than 50-50 that Dawan Landry will move on. He’s a liability in coverage and his tackling has not been as sure or as forceful as it once was prior to suffering from a concussed spinal cord a couple of seasons ago.

Ozzie Newsome has shown in the past that he’s willing to move away from players when they no longer fit the bill of “right player, right price.” Former safeties Kim Herring, Will Demps and Jim Leonhard all moved on to greener pastures when Newsome believed that the returns no longer justified the price tag.


Anonymous said...

mr.cody is the starter.another pro bowler at safety and the Ravens are in the super bowl. The receivers need a touch of run and shoot with a tight end and sprint draw