Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orioles have no choice but to extend JJ Hardy

Otherwise they are nothing more than pretenders...

The Orioles are reportedly in discussions with JJ Hardy’s representatives to extend the productive shortstop’s tenure here in Baltimore. To say that signing Hardy to an extension is important would be a mammoth understatement. Make no mistake about it, extending the former Brewer and Twin is imperative!

Despite missing 27 games, Hardy is arguably the Orioles’ most productive player at the plate, particularly when you consider his offense per at bat. He’s also been very steady in the field with only 1 error and sports a .996 fielding percentage.

Hardy could play shortstop until the highly touted Manny Machado is ready for the bigs. At that time the O’s could move Hardy to third base.

If the Orioles fail to sign Hardy the repercussions could send the struggling franchise into an even longer tailspin. It will send a signal to other free agents and their agents that nothing has changed in Baltimore – that Peter Angelos is still practicing low-balling and that Baltimore is nothing more than a quicker path to the majors (due to a lack of talent) for young players and a convalescent home for aging stars looking for one last paycheck (see Vladimir Guerrero).

All of you who want Prince Fielder to call Camden Yards home in 2012 can fuggedaboutit! It ain’t happening if JJ Hardy (a teammate of Fielder’s for 5 seasons in Milwaukee) isn’t signed.

Andy McPhail will continue to preach, “groom the arms, buy the bats.”

But how long before the fans have seen enough of the dry-rotted wood he has been harvesting?


Anonymous said...

Speak the truth Tony!