Monday, May 02, 2011

Some post draft meanderings…

Seven teams were poised to select offensive tackle Jah Reid at or around the time the Ravens made him the 85th overall pick. The team is said to be very high on this fast riser so much so that they believe he will be starting over Jared Gaither at right tackle.

Yes I did say Jared Gaither.

One source believes that the team will control Gaither because they anticipate that he will be a restricted free agent .

Many are embellishing the story that binds Joe Flacco and fourth round pick Tandon Doss, claiming that it was Flacco who picked Doss. If you believe that maybe you will also believe that Flacco will be calling his own plays in 2011.

Flacco was given tape of 6 wide receivers and asked for his opinion. He liked Doss the best. It will be interesting to see how Doss works out for the Ravens because if he does, maybe QB Joe will out “scout” to his resume.

The Ravens were wretched in third and short situations last year. Look for seventh round pick Anthony Allen to get a shot at changing the Ravens fortunes in short yardage situations. Word is the former Yellow Jacket is a very determined runner upon contact.

Perhaps the most curious pick the Ravens made in the 2011 NFL Draft was that of Virginia Tech QB Tayrod Taylor. Many expected the Ravens to go after Alabama QB Greg McElroy given Ozzie Newsome’s ties to the school and the outlook for McElroy which is that of a career backup. That would match up well with Flacco in Baltimore.

But then again, maybe it is Ozzie’s ties to the Crimson Tide and good buddy Nick Saban that persuaded him calling McElroy’s name.


Scott said...

Am I the only one that was hoping David Reed would be a starting receiver this year? I'm as excited about Torrey Smith's potential deep threat ability as the next guy, but I was really, really looking forward to Reed getting on the field this year after what he showed he could do in traffic as a returner.

Tony Lombardi said...

Scott, I think Reed is the front-runner for the No. 3 spot AT THIS TIME. From what I was told he was very impressive on the scout team and Ravens' defenders struggled to stay with him.

Personally I see good ball skills in Reed and a knack for making a play when it might appear that one wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

I think Jimmy Smith was an absolute steal! He is the aggresive type of corner that thrives in Baltimore and will be able to learn from some of the best coaching an ddefensive personel in NFL history.

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