Monday, May 16, 2011

Rex Ryan is a big fall waiting to happen

Rex Ryan feels slighted by the Baltimore Ravens and has opted to employ those emotions to fuel his ambition.

"Coaching in Baltimore 10 years and then not getting the job, that's a thing that drives me," Rex Ryan said recently. "As much as I respect the people in the Ravens' organization, they never thought I could do the job, and that's a major chip on my shoulder.''

From what I’ve been told, the Ravens never doubted that Ryan could be a head coach. They just didn’t want him as their head coach and for good reason.

It is no secret that Ryan’s defensive unit loved playing for him. But that 2007 team was laced with cancerous cliques that eventually undermined then head coach Brian Billick leading to his demise in Baltimore. And while Ryan didn’t assemble those cliques, he did little to squelch those on the defensive side of the ball and eventually a near mutiny ensued, one that could have benefitted Ryan.

The Ravens had always supported Ryan’s efforts to land head coaching jobs in Atlanta, San Diego and other past job openings. They entertained the idea of making him their head coach as well but they couldn’t get past Ryan’s immaturity and his behavior as the Jets’ head coach validates that concern.

WARNING: Video includes extreme profanity

Sure flashing the bird at fans, his profane showboating on Hard Knocks, afternoon snacks, toe tickling and bloated bravado may be amusing while he’s winning, but let’s see who’s laughing when adversity rears its ugly head for the Gang Green.