Monday, May 16, 2011

Ravens think Jah will work at right tackle

Plus team is jazzed about rookie running back's style

The Ravens have been given solid grades for their 2011 draft class from top to bottom. Many have questioned the Ravens’ selection of Tyrod Taylor who some consider a less accomplished version of recently discarded Troy Smith. But generally those who study the draft like The Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin (who handed out a rare “A” to Ozzie Newsome & Company) think the Ravens scored on draft weekend.

More importantly the Ravens believe they’ve scored with this year’s collegiate talent pool and the two players that seem to generate the biggest buzz in Owings Mills are offensive tackle Jah Reid and running back Anthony Allen. Insiders believe that Reid could be the starter by the season’s quarter pole and that’s even if Jared Gaither is with the club.

Allen is a determined runner and given the likely departure of Willis McGahee (who doesn’t appear to want to accept a contract less than the $6 mil he’s scheduled to earn in ’11), the former Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket could provide some needed punch to the Ravens’ anemic short yardage offense.

Back to Gaither for a moment, many fans see him as the team’s best left tackle but make no mistake about it, that position belongs to Michael Oher. Oher is viewed as a long-term Raven while Gaither isn’t expected to be a Raven beyond 2011 if he’s back at all. The team just can’t trust the enigmatic former Terrapin and without that trustworthiness they aren’t prepared to pay him the top end offensive tackle money that his opportunistic agent Drew Rosenhaus will demand.

That said, if the league reverts back to the 2010 uncapped rules and Gaither is a restricted free agent, signing him to the RFA tender would equip Ozzie Newsome with some solid trade bait should the club need to sure up some thin positions before the start of the 2011 season – whenever that might be…


Jerry B said...

All sounds good if, and when, the labor dispute is resolved, which probably won't happen until the players start to feel the pinch of no paychecks. Hard to believe that both sides are willing to jeopardize the "fatted calf" that they have produced, but greed will out, apparently. As someone once noted, "It's not money that is the root of all evil; it's the love of money that's the root of all evil"! A pox on both their houses.........