Friday, May 20, 2011

McNabb and Baltimore like oil and water

Recently The Sun’s Matt Vensel floated the idea of Donovan McNabb as the Ravens backup QB. Now on the surface Vensel’s rationale seems solid particularly when you consider the other available backup quarterbacks on the market (when the lockout ends). But, Vensel makes a huge assumption – that McNabb will willingly accept the role of backup to a far less accomplished quarterback in Joe Flacco.

McNabb is only 34 years old and while not a spring chicken, he does have something left in the tank by today’s standards. The first time that Flacco struggles, will the calls for McNabb grow louder and how might the player the Ravens still sees as its long-term franchise quarterback respond? And if John Harbaugh does cave to the catcalls for McNabb does he even have what it takes to make the Ravens better or even effective?

The Eagles willingly gave up their franchise record setting QB to a division rival in the Washington Redskins and they were so enamored with McNabb’s play that they benched him in favor of Rex Grossman. Are you kidding me?

Making matters even worse, McNabb would have to learn yet another offense – his third in 3 seasons and he will be forced to do so during an offseason that is shrinking every day.

While he might be more decorated than the other veteran backups on the market, McNabb is hardly suited for the backup QB role in Baltimore. If Marc Bulger does move on as expected, the Ravens need to find a quarterback familiar with the Don Coryell system that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron employs. The Ravens might not have to look much further than San Diego where a 35 year old veteran backup familiar with that style of offense could soon be unemployed.

His name – Billy Volek.


Jerry B said...

Agree as to McNabb and, also, Volek, who would be a very serviceable backup.....IF they play. I still think as soon as the first pay checks stop, the players will rush to settle this thing! Just way too much at stake on both sides to foresake a season of play........