Monday, May 16, 2011

Could Steve be yet another Smith addition to Ravens' roster?

The Ravens are apparently enamored with the last name of Smith and they’ve added two more to the roster in the form of Jimmy and Torrey. Could they be adding another?

Some believe that Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith could be heading to Baltimore. Now before you summarily dismiss the idea think about this. Last year at the tail end of the preseason, the Ravens traded Mark Clayton to make room for TJ Houshmandzadeh. Could they make room for Steve Smith by parting ways with Derrick Mason?

Mason has clearly delivered all that the Ravens had hoped and then some. But if the Ravens can lure Steve Smith with a contract number not far north of Mason’s $4.5 million 2011 salary figure wouldn’t he be a better complement to Anquan Boldin? And at 32 it could be argued that he has a bit more left in the tank than the seemingly ageless Mason.

Clearly it’s a long-shot but then again, last August it seemed like Houshmandzadeh over Clayton was also a player swap difficult to fathom.