Saturday, April 30, 2011

Roger Goodell needs to man up!

Ravens deserving of compensation

The Ravens escaped from the botched draft day trade unscathed for the most part. Despite the fumble by the Chicago Bears who failed to properly call in the draft pick swap (Ravens to obtain No. 29 and No. 127 in exchange for their own No. 26), the Ravens ended up with their man. That said the Ravens were placed at risk by the Bears error – one that Chicago’s GM Jerry Angelo has readily and profusely admitted to.

So why is there no consequence to the Bears?

Why aren’t the Ravens entitled to the draft pick compensation that the Bears offered?

What if Jimmy Smith was taken off the board by the Chiefs who because of the Bears’ organizational brain fart jumped in front of the Ravens and seized the No. 26 overall pick as time on the pick clock ran out?

Roger Goodell (who by the way is becoming more and more like Bud Selig) should force the issue upon the Bears but instead he’s made a polite suggestion to Chicago’s brain trust to make the Ravens whole.

Well here’s a not-so-polite suggestion for the Commissioner – GROW A PAIR!

At the very least the Bears should be forced to pay the difference in salary between what a No. 27 draft pick earns and a No. 29 draft pick (the one the Ravens thought they acquired from Chicago). And that difference should count against the Bears’ cap and not the Ravens’ cap.