Friday, March 04, 2011

Screw dancing Hines Ward...

If you need to stay busy, fight Zibby!

NFL players will utilize their offseason in a variety of ways. Take for instance the Steelers’ Hines Ward who will use his down time to connect with his inner Mikhail Baryshnikov on Dancing with the Stars. Others like the Ravens’ Tom Zbikowski will jump inside the boxing ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to release his inner Mike Tyson.

Instead of lacing up his dancing shoes, I’d rather see Ward string up a pair of gloves and take on Zbikowski atop the canvas and watch the cheap shot artist wide receiver’s pearly whites crumble like a pack of saltine crackers and morph him into Leon Spinks!

But I digress…

Zbikowski’s bout against an unnamed opponent (as of this writing) is scheduled to take place on March 12. By then we will know if there’s labor peace in the NFL. If not, Zbikowski is under no contractual obligation to the Ravens. That said one does have to question his commitment to the team by willingly accepting the risks of boxing, particularly since the Ravens’ backup strong safety missed half of the 2010 season with nagging injuries.

If there is labor peace and restricted free agent Zbikowski accepts his original round (3rd) tender from the club and still chooses to get in the ring, it will be interesting to see how it affects his relationship with the Ravens – more specifically John Harbaugh. Chances are there’s some room in Harb’s doghouse.


Stuck the Feelers said...

I would pay to see that fight and after Zibby kicks his a$$ we can punk out those inbreds!