Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ravens Likely to get 2 Compensatory Picks

Does more comp picks equal more wins?

Since their inception the Ravens have received more compensatory picks than any other club. Twenty-nine to be exact!

But what does that mean? That they’re too cheap to keep their good players?

Well that’s a matter of opinion but seeing how most lost free agents have performed at levels less than they did while a Raven, it’s safe to say that Ozzie Newsome has an eye for talent and understands when it’s time to replenish the losses vis-à-vis the draft. More importantly however, the fact that the Ravens have had more compensatory picks than any other team since 1996, suggests that other teams value the Ravens’ players and therefore their draft picks.

Now it makes sense that bad teams want players from good teams (who have rosters deep in talent) so naturally the bad teams looking to be more competitive will go after the players who play on successful teams.

That’s common sense, right?

But how do good teams remain good when others are pilfering their rosters AND they aren’t signing free agents given the number of compensatory picks they’ve received.

Check out
this chart and for the most part you will find consistently successful teams at the top – teams that lose the most free agents yet remain successful. Teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Green Bay and Philadelphia (and to some degree St. Louis who dominated in the early 2000’s) remain competitive.

But why?

It’s all about the talents in their respective draft day war rooms.

Quality teams are built through the draft.

That’s just how it works and the aforementioned chart in many ways proves it.

Oh and by the way, look for the Ravens to pick up another pair of comp picks – one for Dwan Edwards (5 or 6) and another for Justin Bannan (likely a 5).

And if you are wondering if the team’s signing of Cory Redding will cost them a comp pick, the answer is “No!” Redding was traded by the Detroit Lions to Seattle Seahawks, he had multiple years on his deal. Seattle renegotiated his deal, eliminating the last years, making him an unrestricted free agent after the 2009 season. However, the league put safeguards in to prevent teams from manipulating the compensatory pick system. One of those safeguards came into play with Redding. His renegotiated deal doesn't count under the comp pick bubble.


Anonymous said...

Interesting take that I hadn't considered. If you lose guys, don't sign guys, and stay good, you must be doing something right. Plus, if other teams are consistently signing your guys, you must be doing something right.

The one question I'd have is how many of these comps were designated for players that the Ravens didn't actually draft (i.e. Bannan)?

There seems to be an opportunity where you could sign a player like Houshmanzadeh to a one-year deal after June 1st, not be penalized against your own losses, and recoup a comp pick the following year when you lose said player to another team in FA.

LOCO LOU said...