Monday, March 28, 2011

Does your website measure up?

As technology continues to advance and consumers have immediate access to breaking information via their computers, i-pads and smart phones, advertising on the web has proven to be far more cost effective than print.

Links from web banner ads redirect interested consumers to your own website where they can then learn infinitely more about your company’s products and services than print can EVER provide.

But this does beg the question, “Does your website measure up?”

Does your website provide an accurate portrayal of the quality of your business?

If not, you need a new website and there’s really no getting around it! It’s just the way of the world these days.

So who do you turn to for your web needs?

Well you might want to start with a company that can allow YOU to make changes easily and immediately when YOU need to – not when they are available to make the changes for you which is often way too late!

Secondly, affordability is always an issue.

And then of course there’s customer service. When you have a problem or when you are stuck or when you need someone with web expertise, does your current web developer respond quickly? Are they properly staffed? Can they effectively integrate your business into the booming world of social media?

Look, I know about the importance of all of these things because my livelihood depends on my web developer’s ability to address my demands (and they are many) in a timely and affordable way. And in D3 I have found the perfect business partner where I get Madison Avenue quality at Eastern Shore prices.

Before you conclude that your website is “good enough” or before you commit to another web developer, do yourself a favor and give consideration to D3 Corp. And as a sign of my unwavering support of D3, if any company mentions to D3 AND you eventually agree to do a new website developed by D3, we will give you $250 worth of web advertising on for FREE!

Reach out to D3 today at: You will be happy you did!

NOTE: This offer is valid for all agreements made between today and May 31, 2011.