Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are fans souring on the NFL?

On our Facebook Page Ravens 247 we asked, “Have the NFL's labor issues changed your love for the game?” I thought to present more of a yes/no kind of question but after reconsidering, concluded that the open-endedness of this question might make for more interesting responses.

We’ll let you be the judge. Here are the responses that we’ve received, completely unedited…

Justin Turner Love for the game? No. The players? No. The NFL? Yup

Jeff Everhart Millionares Vs Billionares... If it wasn't for the billionares, the millionares wouldn't have a job. I only care about us (the FANS) thathave to pay $100+ just to see a game. In Baltimore We've seen what Angelos can do to morale

Linda Tolley ‎>I still Love the game. The NFL is however a whole different story. I lost All respect for them when they allowed a certain "monster" back into the NFL and rewarded him with a multi-million dollar contract, so this situation doesn't phase me at all. Besides, I'm a Raven's Fan!

Gwen B. Smith No. its just frustrating

Jodi Higgs It hasn't changed my love for the game. But it has changed my view of the players. I'd like to find a job where I can tell my boss what they'll pay me. And I can tell them what they're required to disclose to me. Whether they like it or not, they're employees. If they don't like the job, they should find another one.

Diana Simms no one wins when greed vs greed.

Nicole Becker NO WAY!!!!! My love for the game will NEVER change. I loveeee the Baltimore Ravens!!!

Joe Krick Greed will bring down any origination. It always does. I love football but this reminds me of kids (Players) that can't get there way. And the parents (owners) that are discipline them after the parents (owners) made a mistake by giving the kids (players) all they wanted for years. and now taking there toys away as punishment. I'm not taking sides. It's just a shame that its this way!!!

Richard Hunt I hope the owners crush the union like a bug. Greedy players of TODAYS era just don't get it.

Robyn Pearson-Gwin No I still love football. But instead of watching over paid cry babys play the sport I love ill be play women's full contact football.

David L Motta Yes ! They're ALL too greedy! It's ALL about money now.

Ben Zylberman Absolutely things have changed and there's fault on both sides! Plus T.V. revenue, sponsors and tickets are nothing without US watching/going!

So how can you root for these fools when we're out here struggling WITHOUT THESE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Karen Wright Martin I still love the game of football, but shame on the players first of all and then the owners. If you only play for money then get out!! Us fans don't want you. We want players with heart that love the game. I will take heart over a player with a lot of flash and attitude any day.

Kenneth Braxton a big Raven fan, but if they are out for awhile, oh well, life goes on. With all that money on the line they will work something out, I wont lose any sleep over it thats for sure.

Christoph Adams First!

Quentin Kramer Yes, I will stop watching football altogether, as it's enough to see players making so much money in the first place so they can showboat for the camera, then complain publicly they don't make enough money? When nobody can afford tickets, ...parking, concession, and souvenirs to come to a game, how can they justify that they should be taking a higher percentage of the profits? Personally, I'd like to see a pro-rated refund of the taxpayer money we wasted on a stadium so you could cancel the season. Then, hire players who want to play, not simply make money. It's unfortunate when the union cannot stop grasping until they put the very industry that the workers they are trying to 'protect' are employed by out of business. I'll spend my money on institutions, and professionals, that appreciate it.

Daniel Walker Negative... Although hockey is appealing to me as a new favorite sport

Chuck Dixon Hell no ill watch it the day there back

Michael Patrula I will always love the game, that will never change. The average American is grateful to be working right now. The really sad part about all of this isn't how petty they are all being. Its how damaging the lockout will be on our already ver...y fragile economy. Their are many, many small business that rely on the revenue generated during the football season to carry then through the off season. No football will close the doors of many of these small local business. There is no humility, gratitude or appreciation in this world anymore. I'm going back to watching nothing but college sports. At least they play with heart!!

Tammy Spano Love the game, if they dont solve it college ball will get more of my attention.

Chip Hill It hurts to see the players act this way but my love for the game will never change. I love football, not the nfl, not college, high school or pop warner I love the game. But with all this happening I have to find something better to do on sundays. Smh thanks a lot nfl in general

Nicole Mahon Nope!!! I still love my Ravens and football alltogether!!!

Glen Krinjeck yeah if it isnt resolved by the season ill be watching hockey only and will boycott the nfl

Jason Hall yes it will

Robyn Lynn I love the Ravens and I am hopeful that things get resolved before football season starts!

Robyn Pearson-Gwin I love the Ravens an football. That's why ill be playin women's full contact football maybe the men can learn something from watch us play the game we love.

Rayshawn NdamukongSuh Bails Man I hope they do something before this up coming Nfl season cause I need o2 watch my Ravens and Saints play

Mack Meech Da First I think greed by the owners is causing this problem. With that said no my love of the game is not affected. Whenever this is over GO RAVENS

Brian Chamberlin Both sides are greedy... just send me back my effing season ticket money... that's all.

Elizabeth Slattery No

Kimberly Brengle Hartley absolutely. I will never feel the same way about the game or the athletes. They won't get another dime out of me.

Todd Brown I will always love football and the Ravens organization. However, I cannot support the players anymore. How can a group people be so greedy? The owners are the ones who assume all of the financial risk in football. We are in a bad economy and athletes more than any other group should be taking a paycut!

I will just have to devote more time to College football now and watching the Ravens and other NFL games will not be as high on the priority list anymore.

Justin Melchor It could never affect my love for football just the NFL. I couldn't afford to take my kids to games as it is but I sure won't be putting out any money for them now

Thomas Koch You people who wont watch football then aren't true fans of your team.. I LOVE MY RAVENS... I got my Tivo set for all the games for the ravens.

Justin Ruffin Of course ill still love the game. So much i will play for a fraction of what they make. Still - go ravens

Rob Lester Its not a questoin of the love for your team,it's about how greedy the nfl is,and what a let down they have put on us (DIEHARD FANS) .The average fan has to work very hard just to buy a tickett,and they are fighting over milloins give me a break

Finally, we posted this poll on Ravens24x7.com:

Which side do you support in the NFL's labor battles?

• Owners 32%
• Players 20%
• I don't care anymore...they're ruining it for me! 48%

Feel free to vote here…

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