Monday, March 28, 2011

Does your website measure up?

As technology continues to advance and consumers have immediate access to breaking information via their computers, i-pads and smart phones, advertising on the web has proven to be far more cost effective than print.

Links from web banner ads redirect interested consumers to your own website where they can then learn infinitely more about your company’s products and services than print can EVER provide.

But this does beg the question, “Does your website measure up?”

Does your website provide an accurate portrayal of the quality of your business?

If not, you need a new website and there’s really no getting around it! It’s just the way of the world these days.

So who do you turn to for your web needs?

Well you might want to start with a company that can allow YOU to make changes easily and immediately when YOU need to – not when they are available to make the changes for you which is often way too late!

Secondly, affordability is always an issue.

And then of course there’s customer service. When you have a problem or when you are stuck or when you need someone with web expertise, does your current web developer respond quickly? Are they properly staffed? Can they effectively integrate your business into the booming world of social media?

Look, I know about the importance of all of these things because my livelihood depends on my web developer’s ability to address my demands (and they are many) in a timely and affordable way. And in D3 I have found the perfect business partner where I get Madison Avenue quality at Eastern Shore prices.

Before you conclude that your website is “good enough” or before you commit to another web developer, do yourself a favor and give consideration to D3 Corp. And as a sign of my unwavering support of D3, if any company mentions to D3 AND you eventually agree to do a new website developed by D3, we will give you $250 worth of web advertising on for FREE!

Reach out to D3 today at: You will be happy you did!

NOTE: This offer is valid for all agreements made between today and May 31, 2011.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ravens Likely to get 2 Compensatory Picks

Does more comp picks equal more wins?

Since their inception the Ravens have received more compensatory picks than any other club. Twenty-nine to be exact!

But what does that mean? That they’re too cheap to keep their good players?

Well that’s a matter of opinion but seeing how most lost free agents have performed at levels less than they did while a Raven, it’s safe to say that Ozzie Newsome has an eye for talent and understands when it’s time to replenish the losses vis-à-vis the draft. More importantly however, the fact that the Ravens have had more compensatory picks than any other team since 1996, suggests that other teams value the Ravens’ players and therefore their draft picks.

Now it makes sense that bad teams want players from good teams (who have rosters deep in talent) so naturally the bad teams looking to be more competitive will go after the players who play on successful teams.

That’s common sense, right?

But how do good teams remain good when others are pilfering their rosters AND they aren’t signing free agents given the number of compensatory picks they’ve received.

Check out
this chart and for the most part you will find consistently successful teams at the top – teams that lose the most free agents yet remain successful. Teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Green Bay and Philadelphia (and to some degree St. Louis who dominated in the early 2000’s) remain competitive.

But why?

It’s all about the talents in their respective draft day war rooms.

Quality teams are built through the draft.

That’s just how it works and the aforementioned chart in many ways proves it.

Oh and by the way, look for the Ravens to pick up another pair of comp picks – one for Dwan Edwards (5 or 6) and another for Justin Bannan (likely a 5).

And if you are wondering if the team’s signing of Cory Redding will cost them a comp pick, the answer is “No!” Redding was traded by the Detroit Lions to Seattle Seahawks, he had multiple years on his deal. Seattle renegotiated his deal, eliminating the last years, making him an unrestricted free agent after the 2009 season. However, the league put safeguards in to prevent teams from manipulating the compensatory pick system. One of those safeguards came into play with Redding. His renegotiated deal doesn't count under the comp pick bubble.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adrian Peterson is an idiot

Dear Adrian Peterson,

Let’s revisit a couple of your recent comments which prove only one thing – your head is up your ass.

“If [the owners] have nothing to hide, just give us the information. Why not? Obviously, there’s a lot to hide — these guys are professionals, and they’re maximizing what they do. But they know that if all this information comes out, the information the players want, it’ll be right out there for everyone to see. It’s a ripoff — not just for the players, but for the people who work at the concession stands and at the stadiums.”

You can’t possibly be that dumb can you? Did you really go to class while at the University of Oklahoma and if so, were you awake? Maybe you fumbled your books on the way to class and just said, “Ah, screw it!”

Like many of your peers, all of you coddled athletes, you are delusional!

Anyone who didn’t have the luxury of an athletic scholarship and actually studied and worked their way through school to earn an opportunity for full time employment, would love to be paid just a small fraction of what you earn. And if they enjoyed such employment I highly doubt that they would sit there and whine about their employer showing them the audited financial statements of their privately held companies.

As an employee you really are only entitled to one thing – an honest wage for an honest day’s work and that alone is a blessing in this woeful economy. Or maybe you don’t even realize that!

You should be happy that your employer is making money. Because Mr. Peterson, here’s how it works…if your employer operates in the black, you get to keep your job – one that need I remind you places you in that upper 2% of the population in terms of your take home pay, standard of living and the finer things in life.

Now on to your next brain fart…

“It’s modern-day slavery, you know?” Peterson continued. “People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too. With all the money . . . the owners are trying to get a different percentage, and bring in more money.”

No Mr. Peterson, I don’t know and apparently neither do you.

Slavery (noun): A civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune, and liberty of another.

If you don’t like your job, you can quit and take your life, fortune and liberty elsewhere. You can leave whenever you want and while you’re at it don’t let the door hit you in your hind parts.

If there’s anything remotely close to slavery as it relates to the NFL’s labor strife, the real slaves are the fans. Because it’s us fans who watch the games on TV and sell out the stadiums. We are the reason that companies looking to make a profit – some even privately held companies like your employer who don’t open their books, will spend money to advertise their products during football games which enables the TV networks to pay enormous sums of money to the league owners so that they can in turn pay you your $10 million per year salary.

And yes I know you are a running back and running backs have shorter careers than most other NFL positions and that your mega millions won’t last very long. I get it. I also get that on Monday you will be 26 years old and that maybe you might only play another four seasons.

So what! Then you’ll be thirty.

You can’t find another job when you are thirty?

Sure you can and if you do, here’s a bit of advice. Go to work for a publicly traded company where you can look at their books as often as you want until your little larcenous heart is content.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are fans souring on the NFL?

On our Facebook Page Ravens 247 we asked, “Have the NFL's labor issues changed your love for the game?” I thought to present more of a yes/no kind of question but after reconsidering, concluded that the open-endedness of this question might make for more interesting responses.

We’ll let you be the judge. Here are the responses that we’ve received, completely unedited…

Justin Turner Love for the game? No. The players? No. The NFL? Yup

Jeff Everhart Millionares Vs Billionares... If it wasn't for the billionares, the millionares wouldn't have a job. I only care about us (the FANS) thathave to pay $100+ just to see a game. In Baltimore We've seen what Angelos can do to morale

Linda Tolley ‎>I still Love the game. The NFL is however a whole different story. I lost All respect for them when they allowed a certain "monster" back into the NFL and rewarded him with a multi-million dollar contract, so this situation doesn't phase me at all. Besides, I'm a Raven's Fan!

Gwen B. Smith No. its just frustrating

Jodi Higgs It hasn't changed my love for the game. But it has changed my view of the players. I'd like to find a job where I can tell my boss what they'll pay me. And I can tell them what they're required to disclose to me. Whether they like it or not, they're employees. If they don't like the job, they should find another one.

Diana Simms no one wins when greed vs greed.

Nicole Becker NO WAY!!!!! My love for the game will NEVER change. I loveeee the Baltimore Ravens!!!

Joe Krick Greed will bring down any origination. It always does. I love football but this reminds me of kids (Players) that can't get there way. And the parents (owners) that are discipline them after the parents (owners) made a mistake by giving the kids (players) all they wanted for years. and now taking there toys away as punishment. I'm not taking sides. It's just a shame that its this way!!!

Richard Hunt I hope the owners crush the union like a bug. Greedy players of TODAYS era just don't get it.

Robyn Pearson-Gwin No I still love football. But instead of watching over paid cry babys play the sport I love ill be play women's full contact football.

David L Motta Yes ! They're ALL too greedy! It's ALL about money now.

Ben Zylberman Absolutely things have changed and there's fault on both sides! Plus T.V. revenue, sponsors and tickets are nothing without US watching/going!

So how can you root for these fools when we're out here struggling WITHOUT THESE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Karen Wright Martin I still love the game of football, but shame on the players first of all and then the owners. If you only play for money then get out!! Us fans don't want you. We want players with heart that love the game. I will take heart over a player with a lot of flash and attitude any day.

Kenneth Braxton a big Raven fan, but if they are out for awhile, oh well, life goes on. With all that money on the line they will work something out, I wont lose any sleep over it thats for sure.

Christoph Adams First!

Quentin Kramer Yes, I will stop watching football altogether, as it's enough to see players making so much money in the first place so they can showboat for the camera, then complain publicly they don't make enough money? When nobody can afford tickets, ...parking, concession, and souvenirs to come to a game, how can they justify that they should be taking a higher percentage of the profits? Personally, I'd like to see a pro-rated refund of the taxpayer money we wasted on a stadium so you could cancel the season. Then, hire players who want to play, not simply make money. It's unfortunate when the union cannot stop grasping until they put the very industry that the workers they are trying to 'protect' are employed by out of business. I'll spend my money on institutions, and professionals, that appreciate it.

Daniel Walker Negative... Although hockey is appealing to me as a new favorite sport

Chuck Dixon Hell no ill watch it the day there back

Michael Patrula I will always love the game, that will never change. The average American is grateful to be working right now. The really sad part about all of this isn't how petty they are all being. Its how damaging the lockout will be on our already ver...y fragile economy. Their are many, many small business that rely on the revenue generated during the football season to carry then through the off season. No football will close the doors of many of these small local business. There is no humility, gratitude or appreciation in this world anymore. I'm going back to watching nothing but college sports. At least they play with heart!!

Tammy Spano Love the game, if they dont solve it college ball will get more of my attention.

Chip Hill It hurts to see the players act this way but my love for the game will never change. I love football, not the nfl, not college, high school or pop warner I love the game. But with all this happening I have to find something better to do on sundays. Smh thanks a lot nfl in general

Nicole Mahon Nope!!! I still love my Ravens and football alltogether!!!

Glen Krinjeck yeah if it isnt resolved by the season ill be watching hockey only and will boycott the nfl

Jason Hall yes it will

Robyn Lynn I love the Ravens and I am hopeful that things get resolved before football season starts!

Robyn Pearson-Gwin I love the Ravens an football. That's why ill be playin women's full contact football maybe the men can learn something from watch us play the game we love.

Rayshawn NdamukongSuh Bails Man I hope they do something before this up coming Nfl season cause I need o2 watch my Ravens and Saints play

Mack Meech Da First I think greed by the owners is causing this problem. With that said no my love of the game is not affected. Whenever this is over GO RAVENS

Brian Chamberlin Both sides are greedy... just send me back my effing season ticket money... that's all.

Elizabeth Slattery No

Kimberly Brengle Hartley absolutely. I will never feel the same way about the game or the athletes. They won't get another dime out of me.

Todd Brown I will always love football and the Ravens organization. However, I cannot support the players anymore. How can a group people be so greedy? The owners are the ones who assume all of the financial risk in football. We are in a bad economy and athletes more than any other group should be taking a paycut!

I will just have to devote more time to College football now and watching the Ravens and other NFL games will not be as high on the priority list anymore.

Justin Melchor It could never affect my love for football just the NFL. I couldn't afford to take my kids to games as it is but I sure won't be putting out any money for them now

Thomas Koch You people who wont watch football then aren't true fans of your team.. I LOVE MY RAVENS... I got my Tivo set for all the games for the ravens.

Justin Ruffin Of course ill still love the game. So much i will play for a fraction of what they make. Still - go ravens

Rob Lester Its not a questoin of the love for your team,it's about how greedy the nfl is,and what a let down they have put on us (DIEHARD FANS) .The average fan has to work very hard just to buy a tickett,and they are fighting over milloins give me a break

Finally, we posted this poll on

Which side do you support in the NFL's labor battles?

• Owners 32%
• Players 20%
• I don't care anymore...they're ruining it for me! 48%

Feel free to vote here…

Are you a Facebook Fan? Then by all means please go to this link and click on the “Like” button.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

NFL Screws its Customers -- The Fans!

We’ve read and heard about NFL extensions and mediations and de-certifications and distributions seemingly for years. We’ve grown weary of the spin doctoring, the finger pointing and millionaires and billionaires crying poor while the fuel that drives their cash machine – the fans, struggle in an economy marked by skyrocketing expenses and plummeting wages.

These spoiled athletes with their out of whack collective sense of entitlement and owners who have probably never ventured outside of the velvet rope or VIP section will squabble over $9 billion in their cushy little worlds insulated by wealth – wealth made possible by those who don’t have it.

And why is that?

Simple answer really – because we as fans allow it to happen.

In the real world a company that makes a product enjoyed by millions will normally have owners, management and front line employees for the most part working in an atmosphere characterized by harmony, peace and prosperity. Consider Fortune Magazine’s Best 100 Companies to Work For and you will find employers who do their best to shape happy lives for their appreciative employees in exchange for above the norm effort and performance in their respective professions.

Naturally competition helps to fuel the drive for excellence among the best companies. Fall behind and a fickle public seeking value particularly during times of economic strife will take their dollar elsewhere faster than Charlie Sheen will dial up the next porn star goddess.

But herein lays the problem. The NFL has no real competitor. There isn’t another league that their customers can stray to while the owners and players bathe in greed.

Sure there will be some families living pay check to pay check, struggling to put their kids through college who may become disgusted and not renew their season tickets; perhaps they won’t buy that player jersey after all; maybe they’ll even cancel their cable sports package.

Yes the league will suffer some losses at least initially but let’s face it, after a season or two even the most infuriated fans will return for the love of the game. You know it and I know it and so too does the NFL.

The fact is we Americans are extremely forgiving particularly when it comes to celebrities. How else can you explain why a serial dog murderer two years following his release from prison is second in fan Pro Bowl voting?

That’s right!

Michael Vick was second only to Tom Brady and far outdistancing the Super Bowl quarterbacks from the previous season, both with stellar off-the-field reputations – Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Yes it hurts. It hurts that the owners and players can toy with us this way. It’s on par with the girl who leaves you, breaks your heart then wants you back only to break your heart all over again. Until there’s a meaningful alternative that can fill the void created by their absence, they hold all the cards.

It’s that simple.

And despite his faux attempt at empathy in his letter to fans, Roger Goodell really doesn’t care about how you feel nor does DeMaurice Smith for that matter. They only care about your money and as long as you keep shelling it out – and I know you will, they will continue to manipulate your emotions and love for the game.

That’s just the way it is…

Friday, March 04, 2011

Screw dancing Hines Ward...

If you need to stay busy, fight Zibby!

NFL players will utilize their offseason in a variety of ways. Take for instance the Steelers’ Hines Ward who will use his down time to connect with his inner Mikhail Baryshnikov on Dancing with the Stars. Others like the Ravens’ Tom Zbikowski will jump inside the boxing ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to release his inner Mike Tyson.

Instead of lacing up his dancing shoes, I’d rather see Ward string up a pair of gloves and take on Zbikowski atop the canvas and watch the cheap shot artist wide receiver’s pearly whites crumble like a pack of saltine crackers and morph him into Leon Spinks!

But I digress…

Zbikowski’s bout against an unnamed opponent (as of this writing) is scheduled to take place on March 12. By then we will know if there’s labor peace in the NFL. If not, Zbikowski is under no contractual obligation to the Ravens. That said one does have to question his commitment to the team by willingly accepting the risks of boxing, particularly since the Ravens’ backup strong safety missed half of the 2010 season with nagging injuries.

If there is labor peace and restricted free agent Zbikowski accepts his original round (3rd) tender from the club and still chooses to get in the ring, it will be interesting to see how it affects his relationship with the Ravens – more specifically John Harbaugh. Chances are there’s some room in Harb’s doghouse.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ravens Draft Q&A with Eric Decosta on April 21 in Timonium

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 21st and Ravens Chix will co-host an intimate Q&A with the Ravens Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta, the last such event before the Ravens are on the clock just one week later on April 28th.

The event will be held at Liberatore’s in Timonium and is intended for novice fans looking for an education on the draft as well as fans like who want to dive deep into draft discussions.

This promises to be a pleasant and informative evening for men and women alike. $10.00 gets you a seat and access to a Liberatore's buffet. Doors will open at 6 for this event and Eric is scheduled to begin the Q&A at 7. Seating is limited to roughly 200. A portion of the proceeds will benefit a The Boys & Girls Group near Eric's hometown of Taunton, MA.

We will be accepting questions in advance. I'll present them to Eric and our goal is to cover as many areas as possible vis-a-vis your submitted questions. Feel free to submit them below and finish them with (as example) Lisa from Hunt Valley.

Mix 106's Jon Boesche will keep the evening going after the Q&A with dance music to get your weekend going in the right direction!

Advance tickets are being sold at both the Liberatore’s in
Timonium and in Perry Hall.