Friday, February 11, 2011

The Second Coming of Kyle Boller?

Today I was reminded of a rather amusing Ravens practice a few years back at the team’s headquarters in Owings Mills. The Ravens were running some one-on-one drills featuring the wide receivers and DB’s.

Without any pressure the quarterbacks alternated as they tossed passes towards targeted receivers who for the most part ran the full gamut of routes in the route tree.

On one of the 9 routes (a go pattern) Kyle Boller dropped back and let it fly. The pass was so far off the mark that it hit a white metal shed positioned about 40 feet off the sideline and adjacent to the end line. The impact sounded like an explosion.

I laughed so hard I was in mute.

Boller was never known for accuracy and in a very funny way this was for me a defining moment for the mechanically flawed signal caller.

We are all very well aware that Brian Billick fell in love with the strength of Boller’s arm and we all remember the infamous 60 yard toss from his knees through the goal posts prior to the 2003 NFL Draft. Yes that was impressive, but not nearly as impressive as Johnny McEntee, second string QB for the University of Connecticut.

Check out the video below.

Oh and Coach Harbaugh, if you’re reading, please don’t let this influence you on draft day 2011.


Joe said...

If only we could persuade the refs to let this guy throw from a tower next to the field. Just get me Usain Bolt at WR, we'll be unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the FIRST STRING QB at UConn know...practicing REAL football.