Monday, February 14, 2011

Ravens Rumor monger at it again!

Baltimore’s most notorious Ravens’ rumor monger is The Sun’s Mike Preston. Recently he once again fanned the flames of controversy by claiming some players had a problem with the duration of John Harbaugh’s practices leading into their preparation for the Divisional Playoff Game against Pittsburgh.

Side Bar: What fans may or may not know is that the longest practice during the week is on Wednesdays – all of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Back to Preston’s blog, he would go on to explain (
link) that cooler heads prevailed.

“As a team, both sides came to an agreement but there were some tense moments with some players even threatening to go the players' union and the media.”

Before signing off, Preston fanned the flames one more time.

“This shouldn't be happening during the biggest week of the season.”

Look I don’t know about you, but wherever I’ve been employed there was always some whiny little clique or squeaky wheel that was never 100% on board with anything. You know the type. Every company has them and an optimist might say that they challenge you and help keep things honest. Others might say the whining is a waste of time.

In Preston’s case, the rumors are little more than filler – and some might say that they too are waste of time.

The team discussed it, remedied it and moved on.

So too should we…

Preston’s sometimes sidekick on 105.7 The Fan is the Rebel, Rebel himself, the always amusing (albeit not by design) Bruce Cunningham. Recently Cunningham had a tough time pronouncing the Orioles’ newest hurler Justin Duchscherer. Now on the surface most would struggle to pronounce such a name if not familiar with the player. And that is one of the beauties of the internet and Wikipedia. You see you just go to your computer (making sure it is powered up first of course), get on the web, go to Wikipedia and type in Duchscherer’s name.

And low and behold, there you will find the pronunciation: [DUKE-shur]

Hence the nickname, “Duke.”

Cunningham would have his listeners and Fox 45 viewers believe that Duchscherer’s name was a tongue twister on par with the condiment Worcestershire sauce (pronounced

Good thing Cunningham isn’t the Orioles PA Announcer.


Scott said...

Aw man. Here I was expecting a good old fashioned Preston-basing entry, and you run off on some tangent about Cunningham's linguistic incompetence.

More Mike Preston hate, please. I can't stand that smug bastard.

Jerry B said...

As an interesting sidebar to this article, I heard Michael Oher interviewed about his new book and when asked to comment on this "rumor", he point blank refused to comment on it! Now, he coulda said any number of things to quash it, but he....didn't! So, we are all left to draw our own conclusions.........

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Jerry B, several other players have flat out said it wasnt true.

I didnt hear the interview, so I can only speculate but why should he feel the need to defend his coach again? As far as we know it can be a none issue that he chooses not to waste his time on any longer.