Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ravens owner gives thumbs up to 18 game season

The discussions surrounding the 18 game season are sure to spike heated debate during the collective bargaining sessions between the NFLPA and the league’s owners.

The court of popular opinion seems to side with the players on this one and many who support keeping the 16 game season, suggest that the league is practicing hypocrisy while championing the extended season at the same time they campaign for player safety.

That said if you think about it, an extended season could favor a team that scouts better and one that has a deeper roster. Those frustrating inactive players would likely be a thing of the past and those players would be asked to provide more in the way of snaps.

Here’s what Steve Bisciotti had to say back in October when we discussed the 18 game season with him.

“When I get to the end of 16 games there are a lot of players on my 53 man roster that I don’t know anything about. And there’s no reason why Paul Kruger shouldn’t have played some last year instead of Trevor. And there’s no reason why some of our other players shouldn’t play.

“So through the course of a year you are forced to play those guys because of injury. So as much as everybody talks about the injuries in this league, I still finished with a handful of guys last year that I was not happy didn’t get a lot of snaps. So I can promise you that Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata will not play 20 more snaps in two games.

“I’m still looking for Arthur Jones to get out there. Ozzie Newsome thinks he’s great. Arthur Jones, fifth round pick out of Syracuse, can’t get on the field. I want him on that field and if you go to two more games I promise you are going to see guys like Paul Kruger out there last year more than you would because we’ll start rotating more.”

Sounds like the Ravens owner genuinely supports the extended season.

Or could this all be part of the owners’ master plan of simply creating another negotiating tool to enhance their leverage during the CBA sessions?


bart said...

I still say they should drop 2 preseason games and keep the 16 game schedule, but that will never happen because all of the money they will lose.

BitterSuburbian said...

I hate preseason. It is extortion making us pay full price.

Jerry B said...

Once upon a time in the NFL, not only weren't preseason games mandatory for season ticket holders, they were actually held in neutral venues where folks without NFL teams could view a game in person. Of course that was very long ago and now we all MUST pay for glorified scrimmages in the name of the "almighty buck"! If an 18 game schedule means less preseason games, then count me in! However, I still believe that more "real" games will lead to more injuries and that there could be a better solution.......