Monday, February 07, 2011

The Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV



Jerry B said...

Formula for winning in the pass happy NFL: spread the field with 5 wide-outs and empty backfield, which forces "man coverage", takes away the blitz, put the ball in the QB's hands and use a running game solely to augment the passing game. The Packers proved that this year by winning the Super Bowl without a running game by taking advantage of rules that are designed to overwhelmingly favor the passing game! We had the talent to do that this year, but "FAILED" to use it! Did someone say......COACHING???! Frankly, I don't see Cameron changing next year...or the following year...or the year after that.......

Anonymous said...

Jerry B

The only wr on the Packers that even resembles the Ravens top 3 guys is Donald Driver and he didnt even play. Our players are to old and to slow to spread the Steelers out like the Packers did. We DO NOT have the talent to do it effectively. Otherwise we would have done it.

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Feb 7, 2011
..Wow, its hard to believe that the Football season is finally over!
.. MR Anonymous shows up once again on the site, and always has an interesting perspective and is, once again, on TARGET with his comments!
..Also, JERRY B chimed in with my own favorite comment about the 2010 Ravens offense: We had the talent to do that but "FAILED" to use it! Example; David Reed and Dante Stallworth: Both injured at times during the season. Look to the north at # 84 Antonio Brown and # 17 Mike Wallace: One is a rookie and the other a second year player. My theory has always been, if a player is good enough to be on the roster from day one:

...I firmly believe, that if our offensive coordinator position is filled by the same man in 2011, the Results will undoubtedly be the same. Again, the famous EINSTEIN Theory "Repeating the same action, while expecting different results, is the Definition of STUPIDITY"
..NOW, I believe that our Owner, General Manager, college recruiting staff and head coach are intelligent people; BUT HOW LONG CAN THEY LET THIS TYPE OF OFFENSE CONTINUE; without making changes? I suggest to all of them that they get the TAPE of the GREEN BAY Superbowl Win over the Steelers and watch it 100 times until they "GET IT"!

Jerry B said...

Anonymous, nobody actually knows what Stallworth might have added because he caught all of 2 passes, one for 60 plus yards, and ran 5 end arounds, usually for net losses. Anquan Boldin was a perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver until he actually disappeared under Cameron's "magical touch" where he caught a total of 5 passes for 27 yards during a three game stretch! Did he suddenly forget how to get open?! Incidentally, it's more than a coincidence that Mark Clayton used to disappear in this offense, too, but managed to become one of the league's top receivers in St. Louis with only two weeks practice and a rookie QB until injuries sidelined him for the year! And, we drafted three promising "young" rookies in David Reed, Ed Dickson and David Pitta, none of whom saw much playing time as receivers because Cameron FAILED to use the talent at his disposal! So, you are entitled to your opinion, but, in my opinion, your argument does not hold water.......

Harryos29 said...

Harry OS 29 Feb 8th
Jerry B talked about the Ravens Receivers not being fast enough to run the spread offense.
.. I agree, however, if I were running the Ravens, I would move Ed Dickson more to the outside and Dennis Pitta into a Blocking Tight end position. I don't have the ablility to back this up with FACTs:But, my belief is that DICKSON could be our version of the CHARGERS Antonio Gates; Big; Powerful, and Fast enough to get down field, as he showed in the Denver game when he ran over a DB on his way to the end zone.
Again, the Ravens are blind to Camerons Faults: I've said this over and over that the STEELERS "TRUST" their young draftees to be able to perform on the field; Immediately! One big Example is Antonio Brown, who caught the pass that put the dagger in the Ravens Season. Mike Wallace on the other side for the Steelers is only a 2nd year player. HELLO Ravens: if he is good enough for you to DRAFT HIM: Put him out there.
..David Reed was terribly underused and so was the experienced STALLWORTH. TRUST YOUR PEOPLE.