Saturday, January 08, 2011

Top 10 Ravens of All Time

I’m a fan of the NFL Network and many of their magazine type story lines and best of compilations. Some of the better ones are Top 10 players of a given team. The teams you see most often are the storied franchises such as the Cowboys, Packers and dare I say the Stillers.

So instead of waiting for one for the Ravens (did I miss it?), I’ve decided to compile my own Top 10 list. Now I must admit, I knocked off a quick list without giving it too much thought. Truth be told my wife was calling me and before I answered the call and proofing and/or reconsidering it, I posted it on our message board.

Thankfully, some of the board members brought me to my senses and reminded me of a glaring omission – Terrell Suggs.

Got I love our message board gang!

Anyway, here’s my Top 10 and I invite your comments, thoughts, willingness to take it to a Top 20 or if you want, how about a bottom 10.

Have fun…GO RAVENS!

1. Ray Lewis
2. Jonathan Ogden
3. Ed Reed
4. Peter Boulware
5. Michael McCrary
6. Jamal Lewis
7. Chris McAlister
8. Terrell Suggs
9. Todd Heap
10. Matt Stover

Note: Tough to leave Haloti Ngata off – but that’s just temporary.


Debi said...

Glad to see Stover on your list. I think he was overlooked by a lot of people.

Mike (hanover) said...

I think Joe Flacco should beon the list.. No Super Bowl, but already more yards and touchdowns than any other Ravens QB..

Harryos29 said...

HARRY OS29 Jan 8th
Good list .. I have nothing to add to your fine list. Whenever you make a list like this...others will have players whom they would have added to the list. I think TONY did a fine job of assembling our all time Favorite Ravens.
..Hopefully, Hloti and Joe Flacco will be in there soon.
GO Ravens in KC on Sunday!!!

Jerry B said...

Tough to argue with your list, TL, but I'd have found room for Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe both of whom were instrumental in winning a Super Bowl! Of course, Sharpe only played two years here, but Woodson is already in the HOF and Sharpe's about to enter, so they'd be on my list, probably ahead of CMac and Heap, who I really like, but whose career has been riddled with injuries.....

Anonymous said...

I can agree with this list, I'd put Todd Heap up a little higher IMO, but the injuries have been something..but after yesterday's performance...Todd's the man.

I'm happy that you did NOT include Shannon Sharpe! Yes he was there for our Superbowl win, but his attitude when he was wearing our jersey just soured me to no end, and I get to see his mug every weekend that football is on..lovely!